Windows 8.1: From Smartphones To Smart Computers #2022

Do you remember that time when Windows was competing with Android and iOS? A battle of Smartphone Operating Systems (OS). Regardless of the results in the smartphone, Microsoft did impress its customers with updated OS for computers and laptops.

Yes, we are talking about the Windows 8.1 version of Microsoft Operating Systems. Let’s get acquainted with this new version of Windows.

Windows 8.1, released in 2012, was improved successor of Windows 7. And, it was developed to support the touchscreen of smartphones and also in computers.

Recommended System Requirements for Windows 7

Processor 1GHz x86-64
Graphics card DirectX 10 graphics device


Let’s go through the advantages and disadvantages of Windows 8,1.

Advantages of Windows 8.1

  • Windows 9 has a platform for different apps with touchscreen input.Apps are available in the Windows app store.
  • There is built-in Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) for better web accessibility. New features in this OS has made the IE faster than before.
  • The booting process is very much faster than the previous versions. It takes only 8 seconds to load and boot in Windows 8.1.
  • The new “Windows To Go” has enabled the users to take their OS settings with themselves in USB.
  • Users are also provided with the “Windows Live syncing” option. The users can simply log in with their live account to get the experience of their OS setting in any system.
  • System authentication with either PIN or Picture password or both has provided security to the user’s data.
  • Updated Windows defender along with smart screen filtering secures the system from malicious files.
  • The new desktop has a “Tile-based interface” with grids. It gives an attractive appearance to it.
  • The low power ARM architecture is one of the advantages.
  • Near Field Communications (NFC) printing features helps the users to maintain Digital transactions securely.
  • One of the major advantages is the cost. Windows 8.1 is cheaper than it’s predecessors.

Disadvantages of Windows 8.1

  • Windows 8.1 does not have any antivirus. It only provides windows firewall and internet security.
  • The Apps work only in full-screen mode., No side apps can be run simultaneously. It is one of the major hitches.
  • It is very difficult to move between the screens since each time the app needs to be closed before opening another.
  • There are Tiles for each software and they can not be changed to icons. So, a lot of software sometimes causes the desktop to look like a puzzle. It seems difficult to select the needed app.
  • Windows users are used to having the start button. The absence of a start button causes many glitches.
  • Another issue is the absence of the search button which leads to difficulty in searching different files and apps.
  • The absence of the Alt-Tab function also complicates the swap between different tabs at a particular time.

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Windows 8.1 received a mixed reception from the users. The tile-based view was difficult to use in computers. Typical users of Windows OS may have felt a bit difficulty in handling the new OS. Users may start to love it for its updated features and enhanced performance after learning to use it.

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