What Is Adobe After Effects, And What Are Its Features? #2022

Adobe After Effect is one of the most popular Adobe application that has won an Academy Award for scientific and technical achievement. This software is popular for post-production in filmmaking, video games, and television content.

Adobe After Effects uses visual effects and motion graphics to get the work done. It also plays a great role in tracking, animation, audio editing, and media transcoding.

Starting in the year 1993 till 2020 After Effect has been modified and lots of new features have been added over the years. Today it’s one of the most used Adobe products in the world.

Features and Benefits of Adobe After Effects

Here are some amazing features of Adobe After Effects.

JSON Data-Driven Animation –

JSON is a data file format that helps in collecting live data from unique data sources. You can use the data collected by JSON to create a survey or election graphs, sliders, and other motion graphics in Adobe After Effects.

Create Engaging Virtual Reality Videos –

With Adobe After Effects, you can create user experience videos that give the viewer or player a feeling of being engaged or involved in the video or the game they are playing.

VR Comp Editor –

If you are looking for software that can help you edit 360 virtual reality videos, then Adobe After effects is for you.

With this feature, you’ll be able to work on your 360/VR videos while viewing your footage through a VR headset at the same time.

Create a Virtual Reality Environment

There is a feature called Create VR Environment in Adobe After Effects. With this feature, you’ll be able to create virtual reality environments.

Virtual Reality Effects Feature

There are tons of effects that you can use for your normal videos, motion graphics, and Virtual Reality. With these effects, you can create dynamic transitions, you can enhance your video without distortions, and you can add titles and much more.

Speed Up Animation Using Expressions

Animations most of the time need heavy rendering, which slows down the speeds. After Effects gives you a powerful feature to speed the object and scenes animation of the video.

Adobe After Effects use an expression as a code that helps control the animation in less time.

Access Mask and Shape Points with Expressions

let’s talk a bit about expressions. Expressions are lines and codes used by after-effects.

With these expressions, you can animate shapes, marks, objects, and scenes. You need not work on each single animation frame. The expression code find the path points and make the animation easier and faster

Design Your Own Keyboard Shortcut

Adobe After Effect also gives you the option to modify keyboard shortcuts you are most comfortable with. It also has a visual keyboard shortcut editor to make the modification process easier.

Team Work and Auto-Save Feature

Another outstanding feature of Adobe After Effect is you can work on team projects. You can share a version of your composition among your team member to edit the work together on a similar project

The auto save features give you the ability to access old version compositions. You can update the current version to the old version or create a new version with the old version and much more.

Minimum System Requirements for Adobe After Effects

These are system configuration you’ll need to install Adobe After Effects.

  • Processor – Multicore processor with 64-bit support for both Windows and Mac.
  • OS – Windows 10 and Mac OS version 10.13 and above.
  • RAM – Minimum 4 GB for both Mac and Window.
  • GPU – 2 GB VRAM for both Mac and Window.
  • HDD – 5GB of available hard disk space for windows and 6GB available hard disk space for Mac.
  • Monitor Resolution – 1280×1080 or greater for Windows and 1440×900 or greater for Mac.


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I have covered some of the most important and have given you the basic information about Adobe After Effects.

You know now the importance of and benefit of after-effects. Now it’s your turn to download and get the feel.

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