How To Fix Error “We Couldn’t Install Some Updates Because the PC Was Turned Off” #2022

When the computer is restarted, Windows Update is installed. If you force shut down your computer while Windows is upgrading, the update will not install correctly. Furthermore, anytime you restart your PC, you will receive a notice that says “We couldn’t install some updates since the PC was switched off.” However, before proceeding, follow these steps on your PC to resolve this issue. So, this article will explain how to fix the error “We Couldn’t Install Some Updates Because the PC Was Turned Off”. Let’s get started!

Here are the various processes to fix the “We Couldn’t Install Some Updates Because the PC Was Turned Off” error

  1. First and foremost, make sure that the updates are truly installed. To do so, visit the Settings tab > Update & Security > Windows Update > View installed update history in the Settings app. The mistake may be incorrectly positive in the majority of situations. First, you can check that the updates were installed correctly, then disregard the problem notice and you should be OK! It is possible that the updates failed to install, proceed to the next step in the troubleshooting process.
  2. Recheck for updates and manually install them if necessary. You may also use the update catalog to manually install updates. Search the update catalog for failed updates on your system, then manually download and install them.
  3. If the updates continue to fail, the update database may be damaged as well. Simply repair it by following the methods outlined in this article, and then try to update it as well.
  4. In case, the update still won’t install, go to Settings > Update & Security > Troubleshoot and launch the Windows Update troubleshooter. The troubleshooter should be able to locate and resolve the problem.
  5. Suppose the troubleshooter isn’t working, try resetting the Windows Update components.
  6. Also, if Windows keeps installing updates over and again, follow the steps in this article to correct or prevent unwanted updates.
  7. Check it you encounter this issue while installing a feature update, you should attempt a different way of upgrading your Windows version. The best approach is to use an ISO file to execute the update.

It’s ok if none of the recommendations above work, try a fresh install.

Try to Turn off Third-Party Antivirus Software installed on your PC

If Windows 10 could not be loaded, third-party antivirus software might be to blame. Suppose you have one installed on your computer, it is advised that you switch it off in order to resolve the issue.

In case, this method does not work, you may also try entirely uninstalling your third-party antivirus and then updating your operating system. This article – How to Disable Avast for PC and Mac – explains how to disable Avast in a variety of ways. You might need to use it Temporarily or Completely.

Windows 10 has a powerful built-in antivirus called Windows Defender that protects your computer. If you’ve uninstalled third-party anti-virus software and are still unable to upgrade Windows, and you’re still unable to upgrade Windows. Then you should also try the methods listed below.

You need to execute a clean boot

If the previous remedy doesn’t work, you may use this approach to clean boot your computer and figure out what’s causing the problem. It’s also possible that a third-party program is running in the background, preventing Windows Update from obtaining updates. Now, get ready to check and try the following tips:

  • To open the Run program, press and hold the Windows + R keys at the same time. Then press OK after typing msconfig.
  • Now go to the Services page and uncheck the option to hide all Microsoft services.
  • Then, to switch off all of the third-party services, hit the Disable all option.
  • To preserve your changes and quit, simply click Apply. Then all Microsoft-related services will stop working, as well as all third-party services.
  • Now your next move will be to visit the Startup tab and hit the Open Task Manager option. In order to launch the task manager.
  • Select each service one by one and disable it with the Disable button.

You can now restart your computer and attempt to install updates. If it functions normally, the problem is being caused by a service or application. You may also reopen Task Manager and test the behavior by enabling each program one at a time.

Then you can figure out which program is causing the problem.

After that, check to see whether the error “We couldn’t install certain updates because the PC was switched off” is still present.

You need to remove the SoftwareDistribution folder from your computer

In this part, we’ll go through the third way for resolving the “Windows 10 couldn’t be installed” problem. The procedures below can be used to delete the contents of the Windows SoftwareDistribution folder.

  • Command Prompt must be typed into the Search menu. Then pick Run as administrator from the context menu:
  • Simply type the following commands one at a time, then press Enter:

net stop wuauserv

net stop cryptSvc

Also, net stop bits

net stop msiserver

  • Simply go to C:Windows\SoftwareDistribution and destroy all of the filesystems therein. By selecting all with the Ctrl+A keys and then selecting Delete using the right-click menu.

You need to operate the Troubleshooter for Windows Updates

The Windows Update Troubleshooter is a function designed to help ordinary users troubleshoot Windows update issues. You may use it to solve the “you can’t update Windows” problem. Now you may launch Windows Update Troubleshooter by following the steps outlined below:

  • To open it, simply put Settings into the Search bar. Now go to the Update & Security area on the left side and choose Troubleshoot.
  • In the right panel, select Windows Update from the Getup and running area. After that, select Run the troubleshooter.
  • You must wait for the scanning procedure to complete in order to discover any existing issues before tapping Apply this repair.
  • To complete the repair process, simply follow the directions displayed on the screen.

Now restart your computer and attempt updating Windows to see if the “We couldn’t install certain updates because the computer was switched off” problem still remains.








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