Twitch Alternative Video Streaming Services You Can Use

Top 6 Twitch Alternative Video Streaming Services You Can Use #2022

Twitch is one of the best live streaming platforms and purchased by Amazon in 2014. This streaming platform primarily made for gamers but it is also used for other live streaming videos. This platform provides live-broadcasted content to their viewers while collecting revenue from sponsorships, partnerships, and donations. It is available in both pc and smartphones. But due to recent change in its guidelines, it becomes a tough task to use twitch for some streamers. But don’t worry, we are here to worry about for your solutions. Here we can discuss top 6 twitch alternative video streaming services you can use.

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Youtube gaming

It is one of the best alternatives for twitch. I personally prefer youtube for not only streaming games and for other live streaming videos also. Youtube is the best platform for streamers to earn money through Google AdSense.Chat window feature on the right side window makes you tube able to compete with Twitch. Here user can also send and donate money through chats and it becomes the best source of earning money. Youtube gaming content is updated regularly and increases day by day. That’s why it is the best alternative to twitch for live streaming.



The mixer is an awesome platform for live video streaming and owned by Microsoft. The mixer uses FTL streaming protocol for its broadcasting purpose and due to this the lags which are seen for the viewers are very less. Just like youtube and twitch, mixer uses sparks for interaction between streamers and users. Both primary users of twitch, Ninja, and Shroud move toward twitch to the mixer for their streaming purpose. Here you can get all the best options that any live streamer expects. These features make this the best competitor of twitch.


Smash cast

Smash cast is another live streaming platform which works just similar to twitch. This app is better known for its esports streaming and works better than twitch. Its user interface is quite fluent and offers HTML5/Java script integration. It doesn’t matter whether you are a streamer or a viewer. If you can do hard work and then this platform becomes the best platform to earn money. It becomes the best alternative for twitch for video streaming services.



InstaGib is the magnificent streaming app for game streamers who want to stream their gameplay. This app is free of cost but you can also subscribe to its VIP subscription. Once you are getting familiar with this app then this app is very flexible to use. It contains all the features that help in the live streaming of video services.


Facebook watch

The Facebook watch is the most popular live streaming platform for game streamers. Facebook is known as social media app but it is also used as best game streaming app. It is as easy as go live on Facebook. Monetization announced by Facebook helps game streamers a lot to post-game tips. Here you can get fast and more audience than other platforms. That’s why it is the top twitch alternative app you can use.


Daily motion

While thinking about twitch alternatives, daily motion is the most amazing app that works as the best video streaming app. This app act as a boon for game streamers. This works as the best video streaming app for earning money online. For doing anything in life you just need to do work hard. By doing some efforts you can earn a great amount of money through this app. All types of gaming videos are streaming over here.



Here in this article, we can discuss top 6 twitch alternative video streaming services you can use. Now choose your favorite twitch alternative app and do live streaming. I hope you like this article and you are satisfied with this article.



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