Trending PS5 Features And Release Date And Price

Trending PS5 Features And Release Date And Price #2022

Sony company has now uncover new device for games known as PlayStation5 (PS5) and we are just few weeks away from the launch and release of the PS5 in stores in the world. PlayStation just not offered support for the games but it is something more. PS5 is a soon to come home video game console that is developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

It is going to be launched in two varied categories one is a base model that comes with Ultra HD Blu-ray and compatible with optical disc drive and other is a digital edition lacking the drive that serve as a low cost variant for the gamers who chose to buy the games via any digital download.


This lightning fast SSD of the system is truly a game changer that loads game within few seconds and even serves new ways to interact with them. The device is quite robust, have snappy interface, great game performance, and amazing loading time due to which PS5 feels like it’s the future of console gaming.


PlayStation5 allows you to have a gaming session in 4k resolution at rate of 60 frames per second while it is obvious that most of the gamers are not bothered by the latter mentioned. Sony states that it almost impossible to go beyond 8k resolution or 120 frames per second, based on the type of hardware you have. PS5 offers a fast loading time only because of SSD (solid-state drive) that is better from other HDD (hard disk drive).


You can enjoy several third party games series on your console that are also supported by Xbox series. Some of those are –Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, Watch Dogs Legion, Dirt 5, Fortnite and Destiny2: Beyond Light.


Pricing of PS5

PlayStation will launch soon on November 12 in US and on November 19 in UK along with other parts of the world. The pricing of the standard PS5 device that has a 4k Blu-ray device is $499 while the Digital edition of the device is a cheaper version, which is just for $399. You can buy the Digital edition of PlayStation if you do not have issue going discless. The price of the console

Price of Blu-ray device in India is Rs. 49,990, £450 in UK, CAD $630 in Canada, €500 in Europe, AUD $750 in Australia, NZD $820 in New Zealand, and ¥49,980 in Japan.

Digital edition of PS5 costs for Rs 39,990 in India, $400 in US, £360 in UK, CAD $500 in Canada €400 in Europe, AUD $600 in Australia, NZD $650 in New Zealand and ¥39,980 in Japan.

It is an important point to note that the pre orders for the gaming console PlayStation5 and almost impossible to believe on finding that they were sold out back in September only. There is some hope that the retailers might get some stock to be sold on release date plus on the Black Friday. So get ready and be sure that you bookmark the place and the day to buy the device.

The most important thing to note is that you have to pay all amounts at once since Sony does not offer any subscription program, which is different from that of Microsoft’s Xbox.

Specs of PS5

Specification PS5 Digital edition PS5
Resolution Offers 4k HD resolution at 60fps 4k HD resolution at 60fps.
Disc Has a 4k ultra HD Blu-ray disc Doesn’t have any disc.
Price (India) Rs 49,990 Rs. 39,990
RAM 16GB GDDR6 RAM available 16GB GDDR6 RAM
Memory bandwidth 448 GB/sec 448 GB/sec
Weight 9.92 pounds 8.59pounds
Dimension 15.35*4.09*10.23 inches 15.35*3.62*10.23 inches
Storage 825 GB 825 GB

PS5 Accessories

  1. Steel Series Arctics 7PWireless Headset –This headset comes with the noise cancellation and have a retractable mic. It serve excellent sound quality and is designed specifically for PS5.
  2. DualSense charging station – It is an ultimate savior if you are fed of carrying charging cables with you and have a messy room. It will coordinate with your PS5 console. It will help you charge your device soon.
  3. PS5 media remote – With this accessory, you can even watch movies and TV shows on your console. It will convert your gaming system to entertainment box. It will allow streaming popular services like Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, and other.
  4. PS5 HD Camera – This camera is great when you are streaming games or broadcasting your gameplay. It is doubtful whether it will work with the PS VR headset but is really a great support.

Which one should you buy: PS5 or PS5 Digital edition

You have been waiting for an advanced PlayStation to buy but look what happened it brought two at once. One is Blu-ray disc PS5 and other is PS5 digital edition. PS5 digital edition ($399) is cheaper than the PS5 Blu-ray disc ($499). However, the digital edition does not possess any disc but it is still sleek and more symmetrical than other one, which has a stylish curvy body. You can buy the digital edition if you have a good internet connection, you look to save money, and you do not care for physical copies.

In addition, you can buy the PS5 disc console if you do not completely rely on internet connection, you own a DVD and Blu-ray good collection, and have game edition packages.

PS5 vs PS4: which one is better?

Comparison PS4 PS5
Design PS4 is a console-flavored sandwich while PS4 pro is somewhat fattier. Taller and heavier console
Graphics Custom AMD CPU  and octa core x8-64 AMD Jaguar chipset Custom AMD CPU and octa core Zen 2 design.
Memory 8 GB DDR5 RAM 16GB GDDR6
Price £410(PS4 pro) and £300 £449(PS5) and £349(PS5 DE)

We can clearly observe that PlayStation5 serves better gaming graphics and have more potential but it also need to be considered that the initial first wave of the upcoming next generation games is somewhat present on the previous generation. And, when you already have such advanced device you won’t feel the need to upgrade your machine. Still PS5 has a good scope in future and there can be chance that you are struggling for deciding to spend this big amount of money.

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