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Top 5 piano game for android and iphone 14 pro max in 2022

Music is present everywhere and makes us feel alive. We all love to different types of music. Most of us also want to learn and play music with the help of different instruments. The piano is one of the most magnificent musical instruments to play music. But we don’t have time to go out and learn the piano. But if we get something at our home which helps us to learn the piano easily and at any time. It isn’t it sounds great? So here we can discuss top 5 piano game in 2020

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Simply piano by joy tunes –magnificent piano app

This app is the best app for learning the piano easily and quickly. This app is developed by JoyTunes, creators of award-winning apps Piano Maestro and Piano Dust Buster. This app is suitable for all ages and no previous experience required to learn piano. Here you can get tons of fun songs for different music tastes and playing levels. You can get realistic experience, it changes your device screen into the virtual piano. You can get here a free membership here. You can convert your free membership into pro membership at any time. These features make this app the top piano game app in 2020.


Piano magic tiles hot song –free piano game app

This app is one of the best game app to enjoy music and piano. This game is a free and great fun game app. Here you can check and improve your taping speed easily by just taping the black tiles while listening to music. Just ignore the white tiles. This app is an awesome app with simple graphics and easy to use features. Here you can get high-quality songs to play. That’s why this app is the best piano game app.


Piano – music games to play and learn songs for free

This app is most magnificent app to learn piano and feel like a real Maestro. Here you can get free lessons in the form of game. Learning music is not easy before this app was launched. Here you can get realistic experience with its ultra – realistic piano keyboard. Here you can get 7 types of piano keyboard and music instruments like grand piano, vintage piano, Harp etc.  These features make this app top piano game app 2020.


Perfect piano

This app provides you the great experience with its smart piano keyboard. This app is mainly designed to help you to learn piano in easy and perfect way. It’s multitouch screen support and force touch feature is really amazing. Here in this app there are multiple inbuilt sound effects like grand piano, bright piano, music box etc.  Here you can get three types of guidance patterns – falling note, waterfall, music sheet (stave).  Here you can also play piano online with other players all over all the world and make friends. This app is the top piano game app 2020.


Real piano teacher

This is another game app in the list of best piano games app 2020. This app is loved by both teachers and learners all over the world. Here you can learn piano easily with no experience before. Here you can get instant lessons to learn the piano. Its inbuilt piano makes you feel like you are playing real piano. You can get instant feedback and result when you are playing right or wrong. Here you can play any chord, music and melodies in this interactive app. That’s why this app is the best piano game app 2020.



Here in this article we can discuss top 5 piano games app 2020.  Now choose your favourite piano app and started enjoying music and piano right now. Hope you find this games app useful for you.

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