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Top 5 cash back apps in India (25000 Per Month) #2022

E-commerce and E banking services makes our life easier and comfortable. We can do every small to big translation directly from our bank account in very less time . Nowadays we don’t have any tension about carrying cash with us everywhere. All these things are possible due to digital banking. We all believe in saving money because it will be helpful for us in future. But don’t worry you can also save money while doing transactions with this following cash back apps. You can get cash back at every transaction you can done. Let’s discuss about top 5 cash back apps in India 2020.

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This app is one of the best and famous cashback app with more than 300 million users in India. Here you can get lots of other services along with transactions. The other great services provided by this app is mobile recharges, loan payments, bill payments, travel ticket bookings, UPI money transfer, movie ticket bookings, shopping, and various other services. This app provide you various cash back offer after every successful transaction. Along with cashback offers, this app can also provide you various promo codes which you can apply while bookings and shopping. These features make this app best cash back app.



This app is great app for providing lots of coupons. Here you can get best cashback offers on the services you can get. You can also get details about various deals and services directly from app. Along with coupons, cashback and discounts, this app also enables you to  browse through offers with discount filters. Here you can get cashback directly in your wallet which you use for mobile recharge. That’s why this app is the best cash back app in India 2020.



Magic pin is an awesome app which is known for its points which can convert into vouchers and other stuff. Here in this app you can get various deals on food, clothes and various coupons. Magic pin offers you 100% cashback from points you are collected. You just have to do one thing that you have to share  a selfie of yourself holding the bill from the store you just bought the product and you are eligible to receive the cashback.These magic points are very useful for shopping, recharge and bookings of hotel etc.



This is another awesome app for getting tons of offers, coupons and cashback. Here in this app you can very various offers on fashion, cabs, hotels, baby products, bus tickets, travel tickets, electronics, food, clothing and more stuff. Some of the best e-commerce companies have also tied hands with this awesome app in order to provide its customers with the desired cashbacks. This app provides you cashback on your doorstep and you can use this cashback for various services like recharge, shopping and bill payments. That’s why this app is the best cash back app in India 2020.



This is one of the most unique and best cashback app in India. The features which separate this app from other cashback apps is that  it trades in automotive accessories, sports and Industrial supplies as well as pet supplies.This app is do partnership with more than 500 brands like Amazon, myntra etc. Here you can get cashback on various hotels and restaurants. You must have minimum amount of cash in your account to directly transfer in your bank account. You can also redeem cashback in the form of vouchers. These features make this app best cash back app in India 2020.



Here in this article we can discuss about top cash back apps in India 2020. Now choose one out of all these apps according to your comfort and started save money now. I hope you will find this information useful for you according to your comfort.

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