Top 10 USA Pro Sports Number Of Games List

Top 10 USA Pro Sports Number Of Games List In 2022

Sports not only bring different people together but also good for our health and a big smile on our faces. Some people love to play games but some of us only love to watch sports games live or on television. Like other countries, America has its popular sports which American people love to watch and play. In our topic, we will discuss the top 10 sports games in the united states. So without any delay lets discuss the best American sports.

American Football

American football which is also known as gridiron football is originated from sports called rugby and soccer. This game is not only popular in America but worldwide also. Other sports leagues are also popular across but not other sports league matches the level of NFL( National Football League) of 2012. This match had a higher number of audiences than any other sport in the world at that time. Other sports are also popular but this sport always has a special place in people’s hearts. This sport has higher paid players than any other highly paid athletes or sports.

But in the era of technology, we don’t need to go anywhere to watch any sport we can able to enjoy it from any corner of the world. Due to these reasons, this sport is considered the best sport in the united states.


Baseball is another most lovable sport of America, mostly played in North, South, and Central parts of America. This sport seems to be like cricket but it is very different from cricket in every aspect. Two teams are needed to play this sport and this sport is playing in a total of nine innings. The team which scored high runs wins the game.

MLB( Major League Baseball) is the highest level of baseball match league which is played at the world level. The players who perform best in the minor league can get a chance to participate in the major league. This game is not only loved by American people but has a fan all over the world. Lots of people are in wait to watch live matches at the stadium or stream them online.


After football and baseball, this game is not only the love of American people but also of a lot many people around the world. NBA( National Basketball Association) handles all the professional matches of basketball in the country. Lots of people love to play and watch this game not only in America but in other countries also.

Special leagues like WNBA are organized for women teams at the national level to represent their country. Basketball is not only loved by men but by women also. If you want to get an amazing experience of this game at home then lots of online streaming matches apps are available for your convenience.  That’s why it is considered as the top sport of the united states.

Ice Hockey

When we think about the word hockey, the first thing that comes to our mind is field hockey. But ice hockey is one of the most lovable sports in the northern part of America. NHL( National Hockey League) is the professional hockey league and the highest level of men’s hockey.

Artificial ice rinks increase the level of fun for people and make this sport the most lovable sport in the world. People not only follow this sport at the national level but also loves to enjoy this sport at their own level. These things made this sport the most popular sport only in America but in other countries also.


Soccer in America is not as popular as other sports discussed above in this article. But still have a huge amount of fans all over the world. This game is not that popular in the united states but it can continuously grow in America after Major Soccer League. David Beckham and Wayne Rooney’s entries in this game make this game more interesting.

After all these sports discussed above this sport is the 5th most popular sport in America.


Tennis has a huge amount of fans following in the world not only in America. Since America started participated in Tennis, it always maintains its best position at the international level.  This sport has equal popularity among both men and women and both participate in this sport equally to represent their country at both national as well as international levels.

The names that shine in the history of tennis in America are the William sisters, Andy Roddick, and many more. Due to these things people follow this sport a lot in the United States. This sport always has a special place in people’s hearts and it is a very popular sport in the world.


Golf is another most popular and lovable sport of the united states because of one person named Tiger Woods. He is one of the best players in golf and always makes his country proud. There are a large number of golf fans across America.

Professional golfers association of America (PGA) used to organize 3 tournaments for golf players like PGA Championship, Senior PGA Championship, and Women’s PGA Championship. This club is also known for co-organizing the Ryder cup and PGA cup. That’s why this sport is popular in the united states and the love of a lot many people like us.


Wrestling is another popular sport in some parts of America and loved by lots of American people. American people generally following WWE matches because of wrestling stars like John Cena, Undertaker, and many more.

But other matches of wrestling take place at the national level which wins the heart of many people. Freestyle wrestling which was first adopted by American wrestlers makes this game more interesting and enjoyable. These are the reasons for considering wrestling as a popular sport in America.

Auto Racing

In the list of Top 10 sports of the united sports, Auto Racing always maintains its place. Almost all the top motor cars and bike races are organized by NASCAR  in America. This is not just a sport because it involves the emotions of people. Lots of people always come to see their favorite players racing skills and want to make them win. This sport is the most lovable sport in America and always bring happiness on people’s face.


Badminton is the most popular game not only in America but in other countries also. This is the easiest sport and played by lots of people during their free time.  It is not only a free time game but it also represents its country both at the national as well as international levels.

This game has a huge amount of fanbase all over the world but still, this is the least popular sport of the united states. With a huge fan base, this game is considered as the top sport of America.


In this article, we already discuss the top 10 sports in the united states. I hope you find this given information useful for you and if you have any query please don’t hesitate to share with us in the comments.


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