The Black Corsair Doesn't Work

The Black Corsair Doesn’t Work? How to Unblock the Site in Seconds #2022

We’ve been hearing for some time now that the Black Corsair doesn’t work. Trying to access the site you will see that IlCorsaroNero is actually offline. The site does not open and you are greeted by a screen informing you that it is impossible to reach the site. Even if you try to switch browsers or activate an anonymous window, you will get the same result. Everything would suggest that the Black Corsair is closed.

Closed Black Corsair: True or Fake News?

In fact, the news that Black Corsair has been closed is fake news. The site is still active and fully functional. Your internet service provider simply does not allow you to access it.

We can show you in a few seconds that the CorsaroNero is still fully functional but is censored by your Internet connection provider. Watch the video below and you will see that simply activate a VPN that masks your IP address and within seconds ilcorsaronero will magically appear on your screen to add hulu to kodi.

We want to clarify that does not aim to help users break the law. In the case of Il Corsair Nero torrent, the site contains a lot of open source content that does not imply any violation of copyright law. Which is why we believe that obfuscating this popular torrent site in Italian is a violation of the user’s freedom.

However, the site also contains a lot of copyrighted content. Instead, using this content could violate the law and have criminal consequences. It is the user’s responsibility to ensure the legitimacy of the content and not to engage in piracy.

How to reach Il Corsair Nero

At the moment the CorsaroNero torrent is accessible at ilcorsaronero. Pizza but is blocked at the DNS level by internet providers. Other addresses through which to reach the torrent site in Italian are:

  • ch
  • vip
  • cc
  • Live

What to do to access IlCorsaroNero

If the Black Corsair doesn’t work on your device, the solution is very simple. There are 3 possible alternatives to unlock the CorsaroNero, although only the first is the one we recommend.

VPN connection for Torrent

There are several ways to see the Black Corsair. The simplest, as demonstrated by the video, is through a VPN. Using a VPN to reach CorsaroNero is not only the easiest way but also the safest. Prevent your personal data from being stolen when you use torrenting search engines like Black Corsair.

If you activate a VPN, your internet activity is encrypted and therefore invisible. Your IP address is replaced by one assigned by the VPN server and all your data is hidden making you invisible. This is why with a VPN you can get into the Black Corsair. Plus a VPN connection allows you to access all blocked sites like Netflix US, Sky Go, HBO, and a host of other sites. Most importantly, a VPN gives you the anonymity you need when downloading torrents. These torrent sites are notorious for being insecure, and theft of personal data is the order of the day.

Furthermore, on torrent sites such as Il Corsair Nero there are many perfectly legal open source contents but many others are protected by copyright. Downloading copyrighted content is illegal and punishable by law. Knowing for sure which content is copyrighted is not always easy, and you may find yourself downloading illegal content inadvertently.

If you have an active VPN, you won’t have to worry as your identity is hidden and therefore cannot be traced back to you. For this reason, a VPN is always needed when using torrents. In fact, protecting your online privacy should be a priority regardless of what you do on the internet and therefore a VPN where you can always be active on your devices.

Not all VPNs are recommended for tormenting. First, never use the free VPN for tormenting why not protect your identity enough, are too risky.

Today, there are extremely inexpensive paid VPNs that offer you super-high protection that makes you sleep soundly. Also, tormenting VPNs need to be fast, otherwise you won’t be able to download torrents smoothly. Another essential requirement, they must be no-logs VPNs which therefore do not store any data relating to your Internet activity.

These are the VPNs that we recommend you use as they offer the best performance in terms of privacy and speed. These VPNs do not store data on your browsing and adopt very advanced encryption protocols that are able to effectively hide your data exchanged on the Internet:

Web Proxy for IlCorsaroNero

Among the solutions available to hide your IP address are web proxies. These are tools that allow you to browse the Internet by hiding your IP address and therefore allow you to access the Il Corsair Nero site without problems. There are many free ones that work very well, such as our besting proxy server. .it or Anonymster’s free web proxy.

However, you have to take into account some important factors. Proxies don’t hide your data. For this reason they are strongly discouraged for tormenting as they leave you exposed to possible theft of sensitive data and do not protect you in case of copyright infringement.

DNS change

Another alternative to reach the black corsair is to change the DNS of your device. You simply need to go to your device’s network settings and change the DNS. You can use for example those of Google ( and Once the operation is complete, your Internet connection will no longer pass from your Internet provider’s server but from Google’s servers and then you will be able to access the site.

However, remember that this operation only makes you bypass your Internet providers sever but does not hide your IP address or hide your sensitive data. If you access the Black Corsair by changing DNS, you will not benefit from any type of protection. Although changing DNS should always be done, we strongly advise you not to rely only on this solution to access sites for tormenting.

As Download from IL Corsair Nero

The reason for the great popularity of Il Corsair Nero is simple. Index material only in Italian. Its use is very simple.

First of all you have to activate the VPN and navigate to the official website Be careful as there are many copies of the original site and many of them are malicious. In addition to the VPN, make sure you always install good anti-malware to protect your device from possible harmful content.

In order to download torrents you must have installed a Bit Torrent client. These are software that can read the metadata and manage the exchange of torrents. There are various and many are open source as qBittorrent, uTorrent, BitTorrent and Vuze. Choose the one you prefer and install it on your device otherwise you will not be able to use the Black Corsair.

To understand how to download from Il Corsair Nero you can watch this video that we have prepared where you see all the steps (few!!) to follow. Or you can continue reading and read the procedure to download files from Il Corsair Nero Torrent.

How to Download From Black Corsair in Seconds

Once you arrive on the Corsair Nero torrent site you will see a screen with a black background where the latest uploaded torrents are displayed divided by category.

At the top you have the search bar and categories menu that you can use to refine your search.

If you are looking for a specific file, type it in the search bar and start the search. If the file is available, the search engine will show you the various download options.

Alternatively, you can use the various categories to explore content such as:

  • Here you will find loads of music files including many free and copyright-free that you can use for your playlists.
  • This category gathers all the movies to download online including many premieres.
  • Use this menu if you are looking for the best video games.
  •  Here you will find lots of software, even copyright free, that you can use on your devices.
  • This folder refers you to all the files that were recently uploaded. It is useful for discovering new content.

Depending on your search, the torrent search engine will show you a list of all files available for download. Choose a file that has an “S” number for a good download speed. “S” stands for Seed and indicates how many people have already downloaded the entire file and are sharing it. “L”, on the other hand, stands for Lechers and indicates the “leech users” which are those users who download files but do not share them.

The ideal combination for a fast and quality download is to find files with a high “S” value and an “L” value as low as possible.

Once you have identified the file you are looking for with good download performance, you just have to click on the red magnet. By clicking on this icon, the Black Corsair will ask you to open the Bit Torrent client of your choice. Give your consent to the operation and the file download will start automatically.

Is IlCorsaroNero Safe?

One of the most important questions to answer before using the black corsair for free download in Italian is whether this platform is safe.

As in the case of most torrent sites, the answer regarding the security of ilcorsaronero cannot be yes or no as it depends on several factors.

For example, when it comes to the danger of piracy, if you download non-copyrighted content you are safe in this respect. However, it is not always easy to determine which contents are legal and which are not. For this reason, always use a torrent VPN to protect yourself from any legal problems.

Another factor to consider has to do with the possibility of running into infected files. Although for the most part the content you find on Il Corsair Nero is clean, the platform managers don’t check each file individually. There is always the possibility to download malware files. To protect yourself from this danger, you should install anti-malware such as Malwarebytes on your device.

What to say, then, about how ilcorsaronero finances its business? Is it a torrent site for charity? Absolutely not!!

To finance itself, IlCorsaroNero uses the processing capacity of connected computers to generate cryptocurrency. Through the use of a Monaro script, every time you connect to the Black Corsair site your computer starts mining cryptocurrency without you being informed about it.

In reality this practice is not a threat to your security but if the idea bothers you you can block this practice by installing on your device the appropriate anti-miner extensions such as, for example, No Coin, miner Block or No Miner.

Ultimately, if you understand how Il Corsair Nero works and take the necessary precautions, the platform is safe. If you use it recklessly, however, you may find yourself dealing with both security and legal issues.

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