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5 Streaming Music Software Similar To Sound Cloud For Pc And MacBook #2022

software similar to the sound cloud for pc and MacBook-

Are you guys looking for the best software similar to the sound cloud for both PC and MacBook? If you then you are at the right place. We know that SoundCloud is the best music streaming software. Here you can record your audios for free and share it with lots of users on this platform. This software influences our music industry allot and helps people to achieve their goals. But in today’s article we can discuss about best software similar to sound cloud for pc and MacBook which works similar but have some other great features also. Let’s discuss them


Bandcamp is the best platform for creating and streaming music.  Here artists can create their own music then sell it to their desired person and also merch directly to their fans. These things helps their fans to find out their favourite music and directly support their artist. This app is not a subscription-based app, it is a one-time purchase app. This software is for both PC and MacBook users. The best feature of this app, it is DRM (Digital rights management)  free app. So you can directly purchase and sell music online without any difficulty. You can daily enjoy and discover new music on this app. These features make this app best software app similar sound cloud for pc and MacBook.


If you are a music artist and want to share your art of music with people. Then this platform is for you. It is an open-source and self-hosted software where you can create, upload and share music with people. This software is totally free and decentralised. Here you can also stream your favourite music anytime and anywhere without ads. This software is supported by pc, MacBook and other devices also. Here you can create your playlist and enjoy unlimited songs for free. This software also supports multiple accounts.


Jamendo is the top rank music streaming app which published under Creative Commons licences. Here creating and sharing music is as easy as turn on the switch of the fan. The best part of this software is free of cost and used by both pc and MacBook users. Here you can listen and download your favourite music of your favourite artists. More than 60,000+ songs are available on this app of individual artists. If you have talent then nobody can pull you back from your success. That’s why I use to prefer this software over other similar software.


Logan is not just a software, it is the better place to share your talent like art, music and literature with lots of people. Here you can create and upload your art anytime and anywhere. This all happens totally free of cost. Here you can get a chance to meet new artists, musicians and future authors to make your experience better.  You can enjoy any type of music in multiple languages and it is ad-free. If you are creative and want to showcase your talent to people. Then this platform is for you. It works just similar to the sound cloud with many more features.


If you want to get the best music streaming experience from amazing creators. Then this app is for you. You can get notification about trending music nearby you. You can also follow the channels of your favourite creators to keep yourself updated. You can also create the playlist of your favourite songs. It is subscription-based software that costs $7 per month and also changes on the basis of commitment.

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