Top Apps of 2021

Most Popular Apps to Know For 2022

Who would not be using mobile applications in this technological era? You will see every other person stuck to their mobile phones either playing games or using social media apps. But there are many fantastic apps that you should download this year to make your life not only easier but entertaining as well. You may have some of these apps in your phone but just have a look to know the most popular apps that you might be missing. Scroll down to know them!


Instagram is by far the most entertaining and easiest way to communicate with people via video and photo sharing. The app presents a variety of social media opportunities that are productive for digital marketing through different ads and tools. This is the reason why many businesses use the platform of Instagram to engage a wider audience and let them know about their business. Offering the features of live, stories, reels, highlight and hashtags, Instagram delivers the most beneficial features leading to better ROI for businesses.


No doubt Uber is the worlds on demand ridesharing service with more than 103 million active users across 70 countries all around the world. Uber offers a great platform to connect the riders and the drivers. Using an Uber people can have their rides right from their nearest location to reach their destination. Moreover, you get the option to pay cashless via debit or credit cards or else you may use your mobile wallet. After the ride completion you can rate the driver and give feedback.


If you are not familiar with Airbnb, know that it’s an accommodation booking app that allows users to plan their holidays. Airbnb has been a great choice for the business travels and leisure where you get the option to book a variety of locations including villas, shared spaces and private rooms. You can book online for your suitable location and explore activities in the region.


TikTok is one of the most popular apps with an average daily time spent of 52 minutes where 90% of these people use it on a daily basis. The app is used to create short videos that are set to music. Lip-syncing and dance are the most common genre that is given a touch of clever illusions. There is no doubt in the fact that app development California are coming up with innovative and creative ideas for mobile apps to entertain the users out there.


Amazon being one of the biggest multinational giants offering cloud computing, digital streaming, ecommerce, and artificial intelligence has proved to be an example of innovation with technology. The ecommerce section is great for the customers providing them a cashless payment method. You can get a variety of products with just a tap and enjoy a seamless shopping experience. Simple checkout process, easy navigation and fast delivery are yet other beneficial features of the application.


Being the most favorite platform for videos, YouTube is a great place for news, entertainment. People create and shoot videos to entertain their audience with the unique content. The users subscribe to the videos and are updated regarding the relevant and trending content on YouTube. Moreover, they also sign into YouTube to subscribe channels to get regular notifications and related recommendations.


It is one of the most well-designed and reliable cloud storage applications that functions on multiple gadgets. Using a Dropbox you can easily share files among groups. You can even comment on the shared documents in addition to browsing things that you stored online. The best thing about this app is that it can be integrated with other web services and apps without the issues of compatibility. Here’s the best part; you can transfer files without any size limit for uploads.


It’s the most popular and loved platform for music streaming apps. The quality is upgraded in terms of app design, streaming quality and music sharing capability. Using a premium version of Spotify you can enjoy ad-free experience and download songs in offline mode.

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