How To Block Ads On Twitch By Adblocker And Ad Guard

How To Block Ads On Twitch By Adblocker and Ad Guard #2022

Twitch is the most amazing live streaming platform for both gamers as well as other video creators. But ever you find something irritating while doing some work? Ads while watching videos and games play the same irritating role in case of twitch for users.

When we watch something really amazing and an ad pops up on your screen. This thing is going to spoil our fun and mood. Don’t worry every problem comes with its solution. Now watching ads between ongoing video is no more a problem for you. You can find lots of ways to block ads on twitch but we can discuss some important ways which can be preferred by lots of users. Let’s discuss how to block ads on twitch.

Some ways help you to hide or mute ads and other ways help you to remove ads that are directly embedded in the video. So that it becomes difficult to block ads. But nothing is impossible. I hope which we can discuss helps you a lot.

How to block ads with Adblocker?

Advertising is fully under the control of twitch. To increase their income they use to give more ads. But by installing adblocker you will be able to block ads.

  • Install adblocker ultimate extension on your device.
  • Then just click on any video or link and wait for an advertisement.
  • Then you can see the icon which shows like a shield icon at the top right corner of your screen.
  • Click that drop-down button next to the icon where you can see a lot many options, one of which is a block element.
  • Click the block element option, then all the ads from the video will be hidden or muted.
  • You can enjoy ad-free video streaming by this method easily.


One important point is taking into consideration while using adblocker extension, you have to update it from time to time. Otherwise, you will face the problem of not blocking ads even after enable block ad mode.

Using of Ad guard to block or hide ads from twitch?

Sometimes ad blocking is difficult with ad blocker and other alternatives then we have to find something new and useful. Ad guard is very useful for blocking third-party ads.

For Windows and Mac OS

  • Install the application of Ad guard on both of your devices.
  • Then follow the instructions given after downloading of Ad guard.
  • After getting started, enable the adblocking mode on Windows and protection mode on Mac OS.
  • Then you can able to block ads on twitch.

For Android users

Different devices have somewhat different settings to make the app work which has been downloaded.

  • Install the app on your Android device.
  • Then follow the instructions to get started
  • Then install an HTTP certificate on your device.
  • Then follow the following instructions –Settings>network >HTTP Filtering >Enable (ON) > Password
  • Then OK and protection mode is on.

For iOS users

  • Install the Adguard app on your device
  • Then follow the instructions to get started
  • Then Click on settings> Safari >Content blockers >Ad guard
  • Then protection is on and it is protected your device from unusual ads. 


Alternatives used for block ads from twitch?

You can go for twitch Turbo instead of Twitch prime. Here you can get paid subscription which helps you to enjoy ad-free video streaming.  This is another version of the twitch with more features than a twitch prime. Here you cannot get third party ads but you can get some other promotion basis advertisements and ads which are embedded in videos.  It costs approximately 9 dollars per month to enjoy ad-free video streaming.

If your adblocker system doesn’t work to block ads then you can also go for the ‘RONALD’ method?

‘RONALD’ method is one of the most useful and permanent ways to block ads on twitch. Because whenever it sees ads during video streaming. It immediately installs new ad blocker for blocking the ad. So you can enjoy any video without embedded as well as other ads.  Every time when twitch finds some way to make this ad blocker apps to get failed. Ronald immediately installs a new ad blocker to compete and remove ads from twitch. It is then impossible for twitch to complete with many ad blockers. That’s why you should also give it a try.



Here we can discuss best methods to block ads on twitch. I hope these adblockers will help you to enjoy ad-free video streaming on your devices. 

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