Steam Shared Library Locked Error? Here’s How to Fix #2022

On your Windows PC, did you receive the Steam Shared Library Locked problem statement? Then you’ve arrived at the correct location. We’ll show you how to fix the Steam Shared Library Locked error on your pc in this article. You will undoubtedly fix the problem if you follow the guidelines in this article.

Let’s get down to business! Steam is the most popular free platform for downloading and renewing games. Furthermore, Steam offers a number of innovative and effective features, one of which is Steam Friends and Family Sharing.

You may lend your games to friends and family members with this option. However, it might occasionally result in issues when sharing the Steam library.

If you ever run into a problem like this, remember to utilize the advice in this article.

Explanation of the Issue: Steam’s Shared Library Has Been Locked

Steam Client was created by Valve for a multitude of formats, including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux. Because it is inexpensive, we may download and install it on our computers.

People like to use it as their preferred gaming program since it has various vital functions. You may not only play games with this Steam Client, but you can also rent your games to other people.

People who have stored their accomplishments and game progress on the Steam Cloud may lend their games to friends and relatives.

Not only that, but the people to whom you’re lending have their own Steam Cloud accomplishments.

Steam Friends And Family Sharing is a built-in feature that allows you to rent your games to friends and family.

Some customers are having trouble renting their games to other Steam users on a regular basis. On their displays, they are getting the Steam Shared Library Locked error. It may display the failure notice in one of the following ways:

  • While upgrading the shared library, an error was made.
  • Unfortunately, this library is not accessible for family sharing.

The following are the reasons why you’re having this problem with your computer.

  • You’ll run into this issue if you try to access your game library when someone else is playing the game.
  • Your PC’s Windows Firewall may prevent you from accessing the internet.
  • If you have any problems with the Steam client, you will run across this issue.

Let’s move on to the solutions for resolving the Steam Shared Library Locked problem.

Methods to Fixing the issue: Steam Shared Library Is Locked

To begin, follow these two simple steps to fix the Steam Shared Library Locked problem on your Windows PC.

You Need To Reboot The Steam Client

In certain circumstances, restarting Steam is the most effective way to resolve this issue on our PCs. So, shut off all Steam activities on your computer.

Restart the computer and restart the Steam Client again. Sign in to your Steam account now to see whether the Shared Library Locked issue has been resolved.

Consider This Easy Method

We propose that you try the same procedure on your pc because the majority of people tried it and were satisfied.

  • To begin, call or visit the owner and request that they sign in to their account.
  • Request that they begin the game in the shared library.
  • Disregard any warning messages that appear (such as the game console is already operating on another PC).
  • Afterward, log out of your account and end the game.
  • Sign in to the account of the user who experienced the Shared Library Locked Error in the next step.

Test to see if the issue has been Solved.

Ways to Resolve the Steam Shared Library Locked Problem

Steam’s Internet access should be disabled

Many users have reported that disabling the internet connection to the Steam Client fixed the Steam Shared Library Locked problem.

  • To begin, hit Windows + R and then enter Firewall.Cpl then you need to select OK.
  • Select Advanced Settings from the window that appears on your desktop.
  • Go to the Outbound Rules section and choose New Rule from the Actions tab.
  • It launches the New Outbound Rule Wizard, where you should select the program. To continue, press the Enter key or click OK.
  • Select This Program Path From The Drop-Down Menu -> Browse To The Folder Where The Steam Client Is Stored.
  • After that, select the option to Block the Connection -> Next.
  • You need to activate all the choices including such domain, private, and public.
  • Next, you must tap on the Name The Rule -> Next
  • Check to see whether the Steam Shared Library Locked issue has been resolved on your PC.

The.BAT File Should Be Setup

Before you resort to the more complicated approaches, consider utilizing the.BAT file to resolve the issue. First and foremost, save the BAT file to your computer. You must extract it because it downloads in a compressed file (zip format).

Now you may start playing the video game you choose. Double-click the Steam Off.Bat file right away.

It prevents the game from connecting to the internet in this way. You may now begin playing any other video games from a friend’s or family person’s library without any problems.

Prevent the shared user from continuing to play the same game

This Steam Shared Library Locked problem is extremely prevalent when numerous users are playing the same game at the same time.

Close the game on all other PCs or wait until other users finish the game to avoid these troubles.

Steam should be turned off on all other devices

Is the second Steam profile still active and running? You won’t be able to access the shared library if the Steam user to whom you wish to lend the game has signed into their account.

Disable Steam on all other machines that are accessing the shared library to fix the problem.

With the help of the SFS-Select tool

If these techniques failed to resolve the Steam Shared Library Locked problem, consider utilizing SFS-Select. It is one of the greatest third-party applications for stopping the game from being played by a second user.

Steam customers who want to enjoy their favorite game but are having problems with many people can utilize SFS-Select to delete them. After you’ve finished playing the game, you can invite another participant to join in.


To summarize, Steam Friends and Family Sharing is one of the finest Steam Client functionalities. Use any one of the above-mentioned methods to fix the Stream Shared Library error.




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