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5 best drum simulator apps for android and iphone 14 pro max – 2022

Everybody loves to listen to music but some people also want to learn different instruments to play music by themselves. But our daily schedule doesn’t give us much time to go outside and learn anything new. The drum is one of the coolest instrument which needs proper hand and feet coordination.

Many of us want to learn drum but don’t want to go outside. Don’t worry we are here to discuss top 5 drum apps 2020 through which you can listen to easy and difficult lessons step by step without paying.

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Drum pad machine – Beatmaker

Drum pad machine is the top music maker app. Through drum pad machine app you can create beats, mix them and feel like a DJ. Here you can easily learn the drum step by step in very less time. Here in this app music production is easy and it is an amazing app for beatboxing even for beginners. There are lots of sounds and beats available like Trap, Dubstep, House, EDM, Drum and Bass, Hip hop, Electro and Future Bass. These amazing features make this app top drum app in India 2020.

Real drum app – Electronic drum set

Real drum app is one of the top drum app which acts as a virtual teacher to teach you drum. Here you can experience real drum and its features. This app transforms you phone into a drum and you feel your fingertips like drum sticks. Here you can customize your drum kit by adding your own images and sounds. This app is really awesome with high-quality graphics and multitouch feature. Here you can get more features then your expectations. That’s why this app is the top drum app in India.

Loopz – Best drum loops

This awesome drum app fulfil all your expectations exactly what are you looking for.  Drum machine engine of this app is very beautiful designed that let you change the speed /BPM of each groove. Through this app you can feel like you are playing a real drum.Here you can also filter beats in your desired style of music,  BPM and time signature. These features make this app top drum app in India 2020.


Simple drum rock – Realistic drum simulator

This great simple drum rock app is easy and fun to use.  This app includes 6 types of drum kits with high quality percussion sounds. Here you can also drum along with your favourite song or you can choose from the 32 loops of the app. Advance sound volume mixture of this app helps you to customise and adjust all the volumes independently. This app is top drum app with realistic graphics and animation features.


X drum – 3D and AR

This app is really great 3D drum kit app with awesome SFXs. This app is easy to use with more than hundred of drum loops in different genres. This app contains different drum sets with studio quality and electronic beat sounds. This app provides you full sample songs playback and these songs are updated every week. The graphics of this app is really awesome. These awesome features make this app top drum app in India 2020.



Here in this article we can discuss about top drum apps in India 2020. Now choose your favourite drum app and start enjoy and learn drum. I hope this information helps you to choose the best. If this information really helps you then do like, comment and share.

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