Crazy Prank Apps For Android Download

Top 10 Crazy Prank Apps For Android Download 2022

We all love entertainment and fun in our life. We always find different ways to have fun. Prank apps are the best apps to fool out family and friends. Prank apps are the best source of fun and entertainment.

We can use these prank apps anytime and anywhere.  If you use these pranks apps in small get together or family party. You become the star of the party. Now the question arises: which apps are the best prank apps? Don’t worry we discover the best prank apps for you to fool your family and friends. Let’s discuss the top 10 best prank apps :

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Scary pranks

Scary pranks are the best app to do pranks with your friends and family.  Through this app, you can capture all the funny reactions of your friends and have a camera capture all of this for you.  This app is going to work like that: You can tell your friends to play a game with them like 2048. When they all agree then you can open the prank app and suddenly scary pictures come in front of them. The best feature of this app is that it can record all the scary faces of your friends through your front camera all the time. Then you can make funny prank videos and share it with others on social media.

Taser prank

Taser prank is a great app that is based upon the terrifying sound of a Taser or a stun gun. This is the main reason why Taser Prank is one of the best prank apps is that it allows you to scare your friends and family without harming them with an actual Taser. The best features of this app are having high quality and realistic sounds.  The feature that makes this app unique is its massive prank capability. Whenever we open this app our phone vibrates. That’s why this app is the best prank app.


Broken screen prank

This app is a very interesting app. Through this app, you can do prank with your family and friends who bought a new phone. This app is the best app to scare people. This awesome app simulates a broken screen effect without harming your smartphone. This great app not only virtually cracks your screen but also pulls out the right cracking sound. With the help of horoscope this app you can demolish your phone screen by other effects like electric screen or fire screen. These features make this app the best prank app to fool your friends and family.


Fight Battle photo Editor prank

This is the best prank app that allows you to add bruises, stitches, wounds, burns, and more to your face. Here in this app effects and filters look so realistic that it can fool almost anyone. This app is very simple to use. The unique feature of this app is the injury photo editor that has a collection of wounds and bruises, which makes your injury look real. These features make this app the best prank app.


Fake call prank

This is one of the best prank apps which saves you in difficult times. With the help of this app, You can call yourself by clicking on the prank call button. You can also schedule the call. You can also set caller name, caller number and caller picture in this app. The best feature of this app is you can set the caller’s voice or record a caller’s voice.


Magic call voice changer

Its name tells a lot about this app, it is an app that changes the tone and pitch of your voice. This app allows you to change your voice tones in real-time. You can also switch between voices while in the call. You can also play sound emoji’s during the call and add background noise also.


Voice changer

This is one of the best prank apps that allows you to record your voice in various ways. Here you can also modify your voice and add special effects to it. This magnificent app offers 40 different sound effects, including a robot, helium, monster, giant, zombie, extra-terrestrial, backward, alien, drunk, squirrel, and more.


Scary ghost prank

This is the app that only intended for entertainment and prank purposes. It is the great prank app where you can make it look as if you are calling them. This app is not a real calling app but instead, it is a simulated one where you are just joking with them. These features make this app best prank app to fool your family and friends.


Dude your car

This app is the very magnificent prank app to scare your friend by taking a picture of his car and then adding dents and scratches to that picture and send it to him or her. Here Photoshop is of great use to prank your family and friends.


Fake GPS location

This is one of the best location prank apps to fool your family and friends. Through this app, you can simply change your location in a single click. You can also add a picture to make it looks real. In this way, you can prank your friends through this app.



Here in this article, we can discuss top prank apps to fool your family and friends. Now choose your favorite prank app and started doing pranks with your friends. We are always waiting for your response. Do like, comment and share this article.

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