7 Best PS4 Baseball Games Play With Your Friends #2022

Are you searching for baseball gameplay on the PlayStation 4? There aren’t many interesting games in the baseball sports category, but there are some worth noting. We’ll include everything from big launch video games to significant imports, virtual reality, and even arcade games on this list. Let’s hope you’ll discover something new to play on your PS4 system. Irrespective of the launch date, each of these baseball games is now accessible on the PlayStation Store. Just utilize this post as a suggestion tool if you’re seeking for new games to play. You can pick up your favorite baseball game for PS4 from the 7 best PS4 baseball games mentioned below.

MLB The Show Series

It’s advisable to bundle the games into one point and stop becoming too repetitive with MLB The Show games. The MLB The Show video game brand was once limited to Sony’s PlayStation platforms, however, that has shifted slightly. However, if you’re a baseball enthusiast, this is a game worth picking up. The yearly video game releases have been featured on the PlayStation 4 since MLB 14 The Show was launched, including the most recent version of MLB The Show 21. In general, this is a highly-received video game franchise that lets users play contests against MLB’s many pro teams, as well as additional modes such as managing a full club through the league or reenacting famous baseball occurrences.

With the increased attention on MLB The Show 21, a new element has been introduced to the series that may attract certain fans: stadium design mode. This game lets users design their own baseball park, which may be ornamented as well as customized with varied wall and foul measurements. Players may then publish their creations on the internet for others to download and enjoy.

Super Mega Baseball 3

The Super Mega Baseball series only began in 2014, therefore it is still very young. This really is one videogame brand that shouldn’t be overlooked, primarily because there are only three installments accessible. Generally, the game franchise features cartoony visuals and basic gameplay, making it easy for newcomers to get the feel of things. It’s not quite an arcade game, but it’s also not trying to be so realistic that it turns off casual baseball fans. While you won’t be playing with MLB clubs, it is a baseball video game that may get addictive. While there are many campaign and promotional modes in Super Mega Baseball 3, the Franchise mode is a new addition to the game. Younger players and progressing players may be signed and progressed here. You can indeed play in a league’s single-player portal for some serious competition, which is cross-platform compatible.

RBI Baseball

RBI Baseball, or Run Batted In Baseball, has been there for a long time. This series of games originally appeared on the market in 1987, and new games are still being released generations back. Although there was a hiatus between 1995 and 2014, the series returned as a rival to MLB The Show, which was a PlayStation-exclusive program. If you didn’t have a PlayStation system and preferred to play baseball gameplay, the RBI Baseball series was probably your first choice.

The most recent installment, as of the course of typing this video game summary, was released last month, on March 16, 2021. Sadly, the first chapter was a bit of a letdown, and it piqued players’ curiosity in MLB The Show, the series’ major competition. With that stated, there are a variety of game modes available for participants. It ranges from demonstrations to franchise games in which you collaborate with an MLB club to win the World Series.

MLB Home Run Derby VR

Baseball video games are entertaining, but if you’ve had a PlayStation VR headset, MLB Home Run Derby VR takes it to a new level. The gamer may pick up a bat and try to strike some home runs in this virtual reality world. You’ll have to go to smash a bat and aim to make it to the top of a scoreboard while playing in a variety of replica baseball grounds. Although that is all this title has to offer, it is at minimum realistic enough to set it apart from other baseball video games. It’s also important to note that, even if you don’t own a PSVR, this video game is compatible with PC and other major VR headsets.

Pro Yaku Spirits 2019

If you’re a lover of Japanese pro baseball, the Pro Yakyuu Spirits series. The franchise began in 2004, which could pique your curiosity. This is a baseball athletic video game series from Japan. It’s basically much what you’d expect from a baseball simulation game, although it’s geared at Japanese clubs. That being said, it’s a fully loaded game with a variety of game styles, including exhibitions. I’m just presenting this game since it’s another Japanese product that may appeal to a small audience. However, because the PlayStation 4 isn’t region-locked, you may experiment with imports.

Baseball Riot

Baseball Riot is among the most unusual video games in our collection. Since it is more of a physics arcade machine than a regular baseball game. Gamers use their baseball to bash against several figures dispersed over a puzzle-like terrain in this game. To continue, you must hit all of the characters. In some ways, it’s similar to Angry Birds in that you have to navigate various obstacles. In addition, you are targeting the baseball strike to do the greatest damage.

It’s a funny amateur game that can be purchased for $4.99. However, there is a complimentary demo available to let people test it out first.

Lethal League

To succeed, you must smack an anti-gravity ball into the skull of your competitor in Lethal League in this multiplayer bullet combat game. With each stroke, the ball accelerates to dangerously high speeds. Play heated local bouts with friends and adversaries, test your mettle in single-player mode, or go online to battle it out.


Finally, these are the 7 best PS4 baseball games to play in 2022.


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