15 Best Legendary Weapons Fallout 4

15 Best legendary Weapons Fallout 4 [ Be A Pro Player ] #2022

Fallout is a popular game series that has been adored by gamers widely. It is a shooting based game and offers a myriad of weapons to the players from which they can choose any and these weapons have high destructive power. The Fallout 4 game of this franchise offers great weapons that one can find or alter to play their game. There are some weapons among the lot offered that are most powerful than the other.

But you must understand those before you proceed to pick them from the shop. Here you will get to know what the best Fallout 4 Weapons are offered in the game.

Nuka-Nuke Launcher –

The first in the list is Nuka-Nuke Launcher. Trust me it is the amazing weapon and highly powerful. This weapon is a modified form of Fat Man, which has the capability of doing destruction more than what you can even expect. It is the best for destroying mid-range enemies at a decent range and is received after the Cappy in Haystack Quest.

The Striker

It is a mini version of the Nuke launcher the creation of his is based on the Fat man. Its advantage allows you a 50% probability to shoot your target on leg, which can slow down the rival to give yourself some moment to kill them. This weapon can be find easily and it does not requisite any quest to be finished to get.

Fire them All: Ashmaker

You must have understood the power of this weapon by the name. Yes, it is inflammable ammunition, as any regular minigun is not enough to win the game. Highly powerful and remarkable minigun comes with high fire rate. You can find it along with Fahrenheit through The Big Dig and reaching the specified stage.

Alien Blaster

It is truly one of the best Fallout 4 weapons since it is available in every series of the Fallout that behaves as a small but high-energy weapon. Even though you have to clear a stage of the game but you won’t find until 400. The reason to have this here is that it can do mammoth destructions. You can get after reaching 20 levels or 75 vaults. It is quite easy to get this gun.

Spray N’ Pray

One cannot forget about Spray N’ Pray when you are mentioning about best Fallout 4 games weapon. This is somewhat difficult to find but is as useful. It is like a mini machine gun that can deal with over 48 damages, each of whose bullet can make 15 damages. It can even cause some minor damage to you and your companion so be little cautious while using it.


It is a powerful Fallout 4 weapon that can help you deal with your strong opponents. The weapon proffers rate of 49 damages but it serves a high fire rate too. What’s special about this weapon is that after every consecutive fire, it increase the damage on a sole target. Therefore, when you are looking to make every shot of yours to be counted, don’t forget to consider this.


This can be the most admired weapon for all since it uses some special trick to kill your enemies. It can freeze the enemy alongside the continuous fire. There might be some enemies who are not at all affected by the fire of this weapon or might take some time to get affected by it too but besides that, it can do a great job. However, it is surely a handy weapon.

Admiral’s Friend

It is one of the weapons offered by Fallout 4 that one can carry in pockets during the gameplay. The damage causes ranges from 300-600. It can even kill your enemies with just a single shot and the majority of the time it kills your enemy with the first shot. However, it is quite slow to load but still has the capability to double the damage compared to other weapons.


It is a knife used in the game but since it can make significant damages, so it is mentioned here. It is similar to a Samurai Sword, which is though useful in many situations. It is not like the ordinary knife, rather it gets flames on the sides of the blade when you carry it around. You would surely want to grab it.

Grognak’s Axe

It is one of the known reliable weapons of Fallout 4. It is also responsible for creating significant destructions and can be highly crucial in rough battles as well. It will be available in a locked case behind the counter on Hubris Comics’ first floor.


The deliverer is again a weapon offered by Fallout 4, which you can rely on when you have it with yourself. It is one of the general armaments in the Fallout series but is quite useful. It can help you guard yourself against sneaky attacks. In order to attain this ammunition, the player has to complete the Tradecraft mission with Deacon.

Big Boy

Big Boy is another arsenal offered by the Fat man, which might appear like a basic Fallout 4 weapon but can launch two nukes simultaneously. It is easy to possess since you can simply buy it despite of clearing the whole mission. You can buy this weapon from Arturo Rodriguez in Diamond city but remember this is quite an expensive weapon.

Furious Power Fist

Furious Power Fist is just like its name and is something that everyone will love to have with them. It is quite a dangerous weapon as the fist can cause over 57 destructions, which will ultimately rise to your target. This is one of the best Fallout 4 weapons that can even be looted if it falls off the body of your opponent.

Kellogg’s Pistol

Pistols have always proven to be an amazing weapon, whether it is about games or real life. This armament is quite powerful and handy in the game. It requires over 44 rounds for weapons, which is relatively high. However, it is a very beneficial weapon during sneak attacks.

Lorenzo’s Artifact Gun

This Artifact gun can destroy the enemies who do not have any radiation resistance and uses the telekinetic blasts to ruin the enemies. It is a fun weapon to utilize. You can get this ammunition at the Cobot Family Quest in Cobot House.


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