Adobe Premiere Pro Beginner Guide [2022]

Are you a videographer of a video editor? If yes, I am sure you have heard of Adobe Premiere pro. But there are also lots of people who are just starting out in the video creation world and they still need to learn about different video editing software.

And the first video software any video editor should get their hand on is Adobe Premiere pro.

Most of the production houses, film editors, commercial advertising agencies, and even YouTubers use it. The software is available for both Mac OS and Windows computers.

This software comes with After Effects and Photoshop on Creative Cloud. Because this 3 software is most of the time use one after another.

Today you have to purchase Adobe Premiere Pro Subscription to use it. There used to be a CSS version that you could purchase as a package, but today you’ll only get CC (Creative Cloud) version.

Every 12 to 18 months there are updates in the Premiere Pro version and every year adobe keeps it updating.



What is the purpose of Adobe Premiere Pro?

Adobe premiere pro is widely used in all common video editing processes. It helps the creator to create high quality, high-definition video output.

You can import video, audio, and graphics to edit. Once you finish editing, you can export it to any format. You can play around with many effects and add titles to your videos.

Most of the video production firms and design firms use Adobe Premiere Pro for video production. Other than that, it is also becoming popular among news stations, marketing professionals, and YouTubers.



Adobe Premiere Pro Features

In this article, I’ll only mention some important features that every beginner should learn. These features are the first steps to mastering premiere pro. Similar to any other adobe product adobe premiere pro also has lots of features that won’t be able to cover in this article.

Assembling Clips -Adobe premiere pro gives you an easy interface to assemble clips. You’ll be able to add short and long clips and adjust the way you like. You can cut clips by inserting in and out points and use the blade option to cut it directly in the main clip panel.

The Timeline – The timeline gives you the option to adjust track height, see the audio waveform level. You can zoom in to see the details and also allow you to trim clips with ease.

Cool effects and Colors – This is one of the best features of the software. There are over 1000 effects, you can also add your own Presets and effects. You can add dissolves effects between clips to make the video appealing.

Other than that you can use adjusting effect parameters, you can animate photos, you can improve the color of your video using the Lumetri Color Panel.

Audio – Adobe Premiere Pro also gives you the option to adjust the audio. You can mix audio levels and boost or reduce both bass and treble.



Minimum System Requirement

The minimum system requirement of the software depends on its version. Here I’ll be giving you the minimum requirement to run Adobe Premier pro software smooth.

  1. The process of your computer should be at least Intel 6th generation and above.
  2. You can use windows 7 but the software performs better in windows 10 (64 bits) and for Mac OS V10. 12 and above.
  3. The RAM should be at least 4 GB RAM and above. Whereas GPU VRAM should also be at least 4GB.
  4. You should have a 32bit video card and fast internal SSD.
  5. The minimum display resolution should be 1920×1080.



If you’re looking into entering the world of video editing. Adobe Premiere Pro is the software that will make your journey easy.

In this article, I have given you the basic intro and idea about Premier pro. I hope this article helps you.


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