8 Crazy Pro FPS Counter For Pc Games In 2022

Everybody is almost free during these days and loves to play games online or with their friends. If you are a true gamer, then you know better about term FPS ( Frame per second). Because every gamer wants to know about FPS for better gameplay. More the number of frames per second, more smoothly game run on your PC.

Some games contain an inbuilt FPS counter that helps you to know FPS count while playing. Sometimes it is not easy to find the FPS count option but you can find it in your settings by trying.

Games which you can download and launch from steam. Steam is one of the best software which is connected to the cloud and has an inbuilt option of FPS counter which helps you to count FPS of any game. You can do this by opening the steam app >Go to settings >in game > FPS counter option. Adjust the frame where you want to adjust on your gameplay screen. While playing the game you can get FPS count of that game. You can also know about the games FPS which you cannot download from the stream. Just by added nonsteam game into your library and launch that game from there. Then you can easily know about the FPS count of that game.

If you want to find an easy way to know about your laptop’s or pc FPS count for playing games. Then you can download some FPS counter software to know FPS count. This software not only helps you to know about your FPS count but contains other features also. You can also increase your FPS count with the help of a graphics card. Now let’s discuss the best FPS counter for Pc games in 2020 which can enable easily without any difficulty.


FPS monitor

FPS monitor is not just an FPS counter tool but also known for its other amazing features also. It gives you all the information about your hardware system. It easily finds out and tells the performance of CPU, GPU, HDD, and RAM. It also tells whether there is a problem in your CPU or GPU. The feature of its flexible Overlay setup really helps you a lot. You can adjust the color, size, and font according to your background. If you don’t want to put all the data in one place then you can also add another Overlay and enable the option you want.

It also warns you about your system performance if any dangerous things happen to your hardware system. So that you can easily clear that problem out from your PC. Now you cannot only know about FPS count but also know about other perceptions related to your gameplay. That’s why it is the best FPS counter software for pc games in 2020.



FRAPS is the best software to count FPS while you are playing games. If you think this software only works for counting frames per second, then you are wrong. You can also get screenshots while playing with a single keypress and they are automatically saved in your gallery for viewing any updates.

With this software, you can also do screen recording with proper sound and awesome video quality. The new version of this software requires a higher version of your Windows. But don’t worry if you have an older version then you can download FRAPS 3.4.7 version and it works very well.

This software is also available in both a free and paid versions. The only difference between free and paid versions is that you cannot record more than 30 seconds of video in the free version. Otherwise, everything is the same with some minor changes. These features make this software the best FPS counter for pc games in 2020.



While searching about the best software for FPS count, this software maintains its position. This software works similar to FRAPS but some other features also. You can count FPS while screen recording of your gameplay. You can also take screenshots and saved them in your PC in any format.

The quality of the video is as awesome as the original gameplay. You can also record more than two sound sources like game sound and Mike input simultaneously. This app is really awesome with its user-friendly interface. This software works with a universal windows platform also. It is also available in both free as well as the paid versions.


GeForce experience

If you are getting irritated with lower and lagging performance of your PC while playing game. Then this software is for you. But it works much better with NVIDIA GPU on your windows.

This software not only helps you to count FPS but also helps to optimize games. So you can play without any interruption. If you are FPS count is more than 60 then your game works well.


Radeon pro

If you are searching for the best FPS counter software for your Radon series of your GPU. Then AMD launched this radon pro software for counting frames per second. With FPS count, this software has other features like screen recording, screenshots and game optimization.

Its automatic feature is really amazing. Once you enable FPS mode in any game. You don’t need to do it again and again.Next time you opened to play that game, FPS counter mode is already enabled. This software has user friendly interface and helps you to make your game runs smoothly. That’s why this software is the best FPS counter software for pc games in 2020.


Bandicam screen recorder

Bandicam screen recorder for pc is not just a screen recorder. It is the best tool for counting frames per second. This software performs both the function perfectly.

This software contains two modes one for FPS and other for screen recording. The quality of the video is as same as original content. Due to its FPS count features, the game runs very smoothly on your PC.

You can also check recording is on or off while playing game. This software has both free as well as premium version.


Razer cortex

Razer cortex is the best software for boosting your game performance by increasing FPS counts and also tells you about frames per second while playing the game.

It is an automatic system, whenever you started playing games it enables automatically to maintain your system and game performance. Once you are done with your game, this software is automatically off.

The goal of this software is to boost your FPS count. This can be done by enabling two modes: one is CPU sleep mode and the other is CPU core mode to helps you in gaming.  This software helps to boost your system performance.


MSI Afterburner

MSI Afterburner is another best FPS counter software that we discuss in this topic at last. But it contains all the similar features discussed in the above software with some add on features also. This software helps you provide full control over graphic cards.

If you are exceeding the limits of graphic cards and your system gets overclocked. Then it’s fan speed control feature works best to maintain a balance between both temperature and performance.

Its hardware monitor helps you to give you all possible hardware information about temperature, usage, control feature, and voltage. It all depends upon you which feature you want to enable on your screen while playing game.

This software has a lot of users all over the world. That’s why it is available in multiple languages. These features make this software the best FPS counter for pc games in 2020.



So, we can discuss about 8 Best FPS counter software pc games in 2020 in the above article. Now check out all these software and pick up the best one for you. Then share your experience with us and your friends by commenting and sharing this article.

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