5 Best Wrestling Games For Xbox One #2022

Decades previously, wrestling games were all the trend and we had a plethora of them on the marketplace. Questions mentioned all kinds of legendary blockbusters may still be had today. You had No Mercy, Day of Reckoning, and a slew of Smackdown episodes to choose from. Sadly, unlike previous eras, the latest video game consoles do not see the variety of wrestling games that earlier generations did. Wrestling games in arcades are a relic of the past, particularly on consoles. And WWE dominates the industry with the WWE 2K series. This article will include the 5 best Wrestling games for Xbox One 2022.

Although AEW created a big impression when it first debuted. We’re still waiting for the game to come out. But with the failure of WWE 2K20, it appears that the series will be put on pause for a few years. This might allow programmers more time to create something fresh and interesting for people to enjoy. However, if you have an Xbox One and would like to play some wrestling games, the WWE 2K franchise is your best bet. The games listed below are some of the finest accessible. Of course, this is simply a personal choice. Other people may appreciate WWE 2K20 now that fixes for WWE 2K15 have been published. With that stated, we’re sticking to what’s been dubbed the “go-to” episodes for the time being.

WWE 2K19

Although not the most recent iteration, WWE 2K19 has received a lot of positive feedback. At least in terms of a contemporary wrestling game on the PlayStation. The game is pretty similar to prior iterations. Nothing has been dramatically modified to make this game seem like an arcade title. But it may be a little more fluid. There’s also a setting called the Payback System that may provide players a boost in a variety of categories. This includes speed, hitting power, and recuperation, to name a few. You can sometimes get a tiny advantage in a match by using these perks.

My Career mode is stronger than ever before, with people taking on the character of a novice wrestler who starts on the independent league and works their way up to the WWE. Even said, there are still a few hitches in places like the Promo Performance. Fans may build bespoke programs once again in Universe mode. And the character builder is just as enjoyable, with fans copying figures from actual situations and fictional characters. It’s never dull to watch fictitious superheroes battle historical figures.

WWE 2K18

Despite the fact that players were disappointed by the absence of Showcase mode in WWE 2K17, the programmers decided to keep the functionality out of WWE 2K18. Considering the absence of a specific wrestler highlight, WWE 2K18 seemed like a modest move forward in bringing some much-needed changes to the game. This iteration feels a lot like WWE 2K17, which isn’t necessarily a negative thing. WWE 2K18 is sure to be just as fun for those who enjoyed WWE 2K17.

Even if Spotlight isn’t available, Universe provides individuals with the imaginative ability to build up games and programs. We’ve also developed a new gameplay concept that lets you grab a wrestler in four multiple places before moving around and executing a stunning ground smash. In the career mode, users may also freely tour training grounds and interact with various fighters, make advertising images, or just change costumes.

There are over 170 wrestlers to pick from on this list, but if none of them interest you, you can still be clever and create your own unique wrestler.

WWE 2K17

Following that, WWE 2K17 was released, although there were some enhancements, people were disappointed by the removal of one element in particular. Sadly, this is the same Showcase mode that was featured in the prior year’s version. Though previous installments allowed players to experience Stone Cold Steve Austin’s accomplishments and noteworthy battles, the basic game for WWE 2K17 ditched it in favor of the career mode and some minor gameplay tweaks.

Users discovered that there were several opponent matches using a manual aiming method in this game installment. Luckily, this method is rather smooth, and you can easily go from one enemy to the next without becoming slow. Finally, changes were tweaked to allow players more time to complete a huge reversal. In WWE 2K16, this was a source of contention among fans. If wrestling in the arena isn’t your thing, backdoor bouts are available, providing fans with different surroundings and the ability to plunder a room for weaponry.

The Promo Performance is one region where fans have expressed dissatisfaction, and it has become a pattern in the future. It’s just another mini-game in which players must select from a list of sentences.

WWE 2K16

WWE 2K16 was the second game to be released for the next-generation consoles, which at the time were the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Regrettably, WWE 2K15 was not the global sensation that many had hoped for, but we did get some much-needed upgrades with this edition. Aside from the small cosmetic improvement, various other improvements were made, such as submissions. Instead of aimlessly pressing keys, players are getting a mini-game to play with the remote controls in the hopes of breaking free from the grasp, however, some may prefer the classic mashing to be more enjoyable.

Another significant modification that comes as a preset is the ability for individuals to initiate rollbacks. This is something that may be fairly restricting for gamers at first.

WWE Battlegrounds

Since we’re accustomed to having WWE games released as simulation games, in 2020, we’ll be able to play WWE Battlegrounds, an arcade-style game. This is a significant departure from prior WWE yearly editions, with easy-to-understand controls and animated images. In truth, it was the last WWE 2K edition that pushed 2K to establish a new style of game. WWE 2K20 was plagued by glitches, causing the cancellation of WWE 2K21 and the release of WWE Battlegrounds. That’s not to suggest Battlegrounds is without flaws; for example, certain moves may be copied and pasted onto various personality models.



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