5 Best Free RAM Optimizer for Windows10

5 Best Free RAM Optimizer for Windows10 #2022

Is your PC gets slow down or hang while doing some activity? Sometimes we don’t know the reason behind this sluggishness. But don’t worry there is nothing wrong happens to your PC. This happens just because your PC needs some boost and faster performance. Most of the PC’s have inbuilt optimization software to clear out the junk and speed up the performance of the PC. But sometimes we need some outside software to clear the junk, delete unwanted apps, for RAM clearing, etc. This software is called RAM optimization software. The RAM optimization software not only boosts up your PC’s performance but also do other activities to maintain your PC and its security.

But if you are getting confused between lots of software, which software works best for you. Then don’t worry today we discussed the best free RAM optimization software for Windows10 in our topic. Some of the software is free but some charges some amount to give you advanced features. Otherwise almost all software is available in both free and premium versions. We discussed both advantages and disadvantages of software on our topic to make you more clear about your choices.


Iolo system mechanic

Iolo system mechanic software is one of the best RAM optimization software which is not compatible with Windows 10 but with other PC’s running Windows XP. This software does not only increases the performance of your PC but also clear junk files, increase internet speed, and much more for your PC to maintain its efficiency as a new PC. Let’s discuss both features and disadvantages of this software.


  • Boosts the speed of your computer and clear junk files to increase the efficiency of your PC.
  • Always takes care of the privacy and security of your PC.
  • Its premium version includes antivirus and antimalware features along with RAM optimization.
  • For basic clean up and speed increase, the free version works best for you.
  • It also boosts up the internet speed of your PC.
  • The power sense feature detects your PC’s activity and then works to match the performance of the PC with the task.
  • Defragging hard drive fixes bugs, and protects your PC from harmful viruses by blocking non secured apps.


  • This software does not improve the speed of the internet to that extent which any professional user needs to do heavy work.
  • For better and advanced features you have to pay some amount to get its premium version.

But this is the best software with all the qualities and its the first choice of most of the people.




Restoro is another lightweight RAM optimizer software that fixes all the PC related problems and boosts up the performance of your PC. This software contains all the features that we need in any optimization software and fixes all the problems before it affects our PC. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of this software.


  • This software protects and removes malware from your PC.
  • By replacing damaged files with new ones it maintains its peak performance.
  • Detect the problems and threats before it affects your problem.
  • This software not only removes junk files but also detects and removes the virus from your PC.
  • Optimize registry and hardware repair.
  • Always maintain your PC cool so that it will not crash due to overheating.
  • You can get all these features in very fewer amounts.


  • This software does not trigger security issues and shows unwanted advertisements.


Piriform CCleaner

Piriform CCleaner is one of the most popular RAM optimizer software that works smoothly not only for your PC but for Android also. This software removes all the junk files, free up space, solves the sluggishness problem, and maintain your privacy. If you want to maintain the speed of your PC then the free version of this software works best for you otherwise you can also go for its pro version to get advanced features. Let’s discuss both Pros and cons of this software.


  • Boosts up the speed of your PC, remove junk files and manage registry
  • Maintains your privacy and analyze and fix problems by itself.
  • Works smoothly on Windows, macOS, and Android.
  • Advance features like time to time update, Guard against junk files and automatically clear your browser history.
  • Available in both free and professional versions with minimum charges.


  • It is not as advance as other RAM optimizer software like Iolo system mechanic, Restoro, etc.
  • It affects your data and also has a chance of losing important files during cleanup.
  • This software only works best for users who just need usual clean up to boost their PC speed, not for professional users.


Ashampoo WinOptimizer

If you want an amazing RAM optimizer software for your PC that automatically cleans junk files, optimize RAM, free up disk space, and other tasks that make your PC work like new then this software works best for you. But each software has its both pros and cons. So let’s discuss this software more.


  • This software works best on deep cleaning your PC, remove junk files, manage registries, and increase the speed of your PC as a new one.
  • You are just one click away from scanning your PC and solve the problem before it affects your PC and it gives the detailed description of each problem happens with your PC.
  • ADS scanner feature works well to scan hidden data streams.
  • Always maintain the privacy of your PC and having full secure boot support.


  • Some extra and advanced features like wipe internet are not much use for normal users.
  • This software is a little bit easy to understand for new users and it does not have a user-friendly interface.

All the features of this software make this software the best RAM optimization software and lots of people love to use this software.



IObit Advanced Systemcare Free

IObit Advanced Systemcare Free is the amazing software to deep clean your PC, defrag the hard drive, and boost up both PC and internet speed. This software looks like a small packet with lots of big and advanced features.  This software is available in both free and paid versions. Both the versions work best according to your needs. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of this amazing software.


  • Best for optimizing RAM, fixing problems, deep scan and clean up, and other PC related issues.
  • This software has a user-friendly interface.
  • Boost up the speed of both PC and the internet.
  • Available in both free and paid versions.


  • It is responsible for the addition of unwanted programs to your PC.
  • This software can not scan external and individual files.

All these features make this software the best RAM optimizer software.


In this article, we already discuss the best RAM optimization software. You can choose anyone from this software because all software we discussed above works best and are the top software. If you have any queries and confusion related to this software then feel free to discuss it with us in the comment section and please don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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