15 Best Free Fire Game Weapons For Pro Gamer

15 Best Free Fire Game Weapons For Pro Gamer #2022

Free Fire is one of the leading mobile battle royale games but this battle game is not possible to win if you do not have any weapons. Free Fire is a game that serves several features to its players for the gameplay. It has a plenty of guns and ammunitions to select from. It is important for the Free Fire gamers to realize that selection of proper weapons and what weapon can be used for which purpose.

You will always desire to exploit arsenals that can help you fight against your opponents in a faster and easier way. Below is an introduction to some of the best free fire game weapons that you can consider while playing your beloved game Free Fire –


This is one of the best weapons; Free Fire has to offer, in the game to the best players. It offers a great fire rate and amazing kill time in a close combat range.             The massive fire rate and the recoil make it difficult to aim steadily while shooting define the huge authority of this weapon.


There are several superior guns that can kill the enemies’ just one single shot if aiming on the head. If you want to choose a good weapon in Free Fire, Kar98k might not be that powerful as expected but this weapon can prove really useful at times and is easy to found dropped anywhere. It can easily target any one just with a single tap by aiming straight at head.


It has proven itself to be one of the most professional and handy weapons in Free Fire game. it can cause serious destructions while recoil of the gun can be an issue if you do not get yourself equipped with a bipod. It works with awesome power to drop your enemies down.


Groza is clearly one of the best Free Fire game weapons you can have to play with. This weapon deals with a significant amount of destruction offering you a high rate of fire with low recoil. It might take some time to get loaded but can be cope up if you are experienced with the weapon operation. The major challenge is to obtain this ammunition since it is mostly found in airdrops.


This unique weapon is almost difficult to acquire on the battleground but once you found it the game will be yours. It fires just like lobbing a grenade. Because of the immense power it offers, it can destroy the monuments and vehicles. It can be the strongest weapon if you ever find it.


This weapon is an assault rifle that is enough to loadout and win over your enemy. The player can shoot with precise accuracy both from long or short range of battles and can cause noticeable destruction in every shot of bullet fired. You can often find it frequently lying in the battlefield.


This serious sniper weapon AWM has got some remarkable powers to the hands of player. It can cause severe destructions but the only concern you’ll have with this is the load time it requires. It is a strongest Free Fire game weapon and is necessary have in the game. This weapon has proven to be a reliable sniper and has been best in the battleground.


When we are considering the overall statistics to face the enemies, MP5 is the best to handle your enemies. This gun can be finding anywhere dropped on the battleground of the playfield map. This gun is considered the most utilized weapons of the Free Fire game. You also get a fast and finest rate of fire and amazing shot for mid-range firing.


Another Free Fire Weapon that is loved by the pro player of the game over the globe. The weapon provides you a mid-range firepower and offers you an easy recoil. You get to shoot your enemies from a decent range with a swift movement when you are holding this gun with your aim. The fire rate of this gun is not letting you down anyway with amazing accuracy rate.


The next important weapon of the list is M79; you must have understood that the weapons launched in M series are highly powerful. This weapon is quite difficult to locate in the game and you can trust upon it for the survival in your game. The grenade launcher has ability to high damage, which is around 91 damage.


If you are looking for a weapon that can give you good accuracy and high magazine holding capacity, this one is the suitable weapon. It can cause a considerable amount of damage and is great if you want it for the long range shooting. It has been one of the best Free Fire game weapons.


It is also a submachine gun that has that has numerous of features to offer, with the high damage causing capacity. The chances of your survival in the game might increase with this Free Fire Weapon.


Gamers in the free fire game might consider this weapon as an underrated one but it can sometimes turn to be really handy. It offers a nice damage rate with a medium fire rate. Even after having low accuracy rate, this weapon can help you take headshots so next time you see it, don’t ignore in the game.


It is a shotgun with single fire pump action a serves a great damage rate. You get a good loading speed with this weapon. It is not fully automatic and is short range weapon too, which is the only shortcoming of this weapon.

Desert Eagle

It offers you a big damage rate, but with that you also get big recoiling. You can get to shot some kills if you somehow managed to pick up this weapon on your landing to the map, since at that point many of the players might not have a good weapon to start their game.

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