10 Incredible Platform Games for the Xbox One 2022

For all of us, platformers were our primary introduction to computer games, and we’re currently seeing a platformer boom. Throughout the last five years, a slew of new ones has emerged, reinvigorating the game. A decent platform game has a particular vibe to it that is just perfect. So, if you’re using an Xbox One, what are your alternatives? To compile this selection of the top platform games on Xbox One, we searched for titles with tight controls, innovative thinking, and engaging locations. Today, this article will demonstrate the 10 incredible platform games for the Xbox One 2022.

Tembo the Badass Elephant

Tembo is an elephant rifleman whose mission is to defend his community from the terrible PHANTOM’s devastation. He flies and buttstomps his path through the PHANTOM troops. He is collecting golden nuts and rushing (physically) headfirst into adversaries. This is a game that is similar of vintage Sonic the Hedgehog games with a dash of Metal Slug tossed in for comparison purposes. While saving victims strewn around each stage, you’ll really like to smash as many PHANTOM trucks, buildings, and troops as feasible.


Numerous previously core personnel of Rare’s project team now work at Playtonic Games. As a result, the team has decided to create a game similar to Banjo-Kazooie, one of its past hit titles.

Yooka-Laylee, similar to Banjo-Kazooie, has a plethora of collectibles to be found throughout your level journey. There will also be 2 key protagonists, identical to Banjo-Kazooie, who must prevent the villainous Dr. Quak from taking all of the literary histories and trading it for money.


Celeste is a game created by Noel Berry and Matt Thorson. The gameplay is a rapid platformer in which users control Madeline, a young woman. The primary purpose of the game is to ascend up Celeste Peak, a large hill.

It is an addicting game in which gamers must make rapid moves across the stages to escape hazards while collecting treasures. Nevertheless, when you learn more about the peak and our protagonist, you’ll be drawn in by an intriguing narrative.


Gamers will experience the same mood with Inside, which was produced by Playdead, the makers of the 2010 gameplay Limbo. Participants play the part of a young child who is made to remain in a brutal and hazardous future in the videogame.

From Limbo, most of the same gameplay elements are carried over to Inside. As a result, gamers may anticipate a dark and dismal graphical style.

Rayman Legends

What is it about Rayman Legends that you don’t like? Since the videogame was designed specifically for the Wii U’s unique controller, it was subsequently released on other platforms. And we’re all the better for it. It’s a lovely game involving time and momentum, with various different personalities to perform or pair up as.

Your mission is to recover captured “Teensies” concealed throughout each round, and as you recover more of them, new areas will open up for you to explore. That’s a lot of stuff, but Rayman Legends includes, even more, featuring a slew of hidden stages, daily and monthly worldwide competition tracks, and even updated copies of stages from past Rayman games.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Following off the popularity of the video game Ori and the Blind Forest. The development company is constantly at work planning forward to their next big console release. The game will continue to be a platformer with Metroidvania features. In terms of reaching previously unreachable platforms and places, gamers will have to develop new talents in the game. Aside from level design and riddle, Ori and the Will of the Wisps will take players on a tale adventure in which they will try to learn the mysteries of the lost ones.


Guacamelee is one of the greatest games in the category in recent times. The game is combining the unlocked open environment of the best Metroidvanias with the combo-based fighting games of warriors. As the game develops, you’ll discover additional powers to use against adversaries, adding to the already great combat system.

Guacamelee, on the other hand, is really stunning. It’s a charming, colorful universe set in a realm of Mexican mythology, with brilliantly made actors and animations. You play as Juan, a supernatural luchador wrestler who needs to save El Presidente’s child from a terrible ghost from the Land of the Dead. It attempts to be mindful of its subject matter while never carrying itself sincerely.

Little Nightmares 2

Following the completion of Tarsier Studios’ Little Nightmares, a successor is on the way. The video game is a sequel to the original installment, which saw Six elude the Maw. Users will not, though, be performing as Six, but rather as Mono, a new hero. Gamers will be treated to a fresh scare as Mono and Six seek to flee more dangerous foes on their way to safety. If you liked the first installment, you’ll appreciate this one as much as the first. With that stated, Little Nightmares 2 relies on players employing secrecy to stay hidden from the aggressive monsters that hide about the landscape, similar to the previous game.


Studio MDHR’s Cuphead is a game with a chase flair. The plot centers around Cuphead, a guy who ends up losing a gamble against the demon and must kill a succession of bosses in order to redeem his loan. Cuphead is attracting considerable interest online only because of its look. Cuphead was created by Studio MDHR in the style of a 1930s cartoon.

Shovel Knight

When the team at Yacht Club Games began seeking ideas for Shovel Knight. They poured out the entire carton’s box of old NES games and stated, “all of these.” Mega Man, Castlevania, Duck Tales, and the classic Prince of Persia are all obvious influences in their adventure platformer.

On the concept, it nearly seems impossible to pull off. But Shovel Knight does so with style. The retro appearance and feel is spot on, yet it’s free of the technological constraints that plagued 1980s classics.



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