10 Best Tumblr Alternatives You Can Use In March 2022

Tumblr is one of the most accessed social networking platforms that is used by people to express their ideas and understand others’ ideas. You can publish your “tumeblog”, short length blogs, or microblogs over this platform almost similar to that of Twitter.

You access this platform freely and there are millions of users over there. It allows you save your posts and comments you get on blogs online. You can get more visitors by doing so. Using Tumblr is not a rocket science but you must understand it before using. One of the reasons that people are looking for Tumblr alternatives is that this site is tough to maintain or update. Let us see what the best alternatives to Tumblr are for 2021.





Medium has slowly but firmly established its grip in the world of blogging. People and businesses are now using it for reading and publishing their blogs. You can creatively show your writing skills over medium among millions of users. It comprises of content built on niche. The platform is quite elegant and has a user-friendly interface. The only issue with this brilliant platform is that your content can only get increased visibility, if you have created effective content.



Flickr was originally built as a platform for hosting images and videos. This platform is available for access in both premium and free mode. There might be a case when you are not able to upload your files in free mode but can browse any content material easily already available there. On upgrading to premium, you will be able to access unlimited storage. You can follow individual users, enable notification whenever whom you follow post something.



The name of this platform might seem weird but can be exactly similar to Tumblr when compared. It allows you post anything and everything from images to videos, and text to quote. You will be able to view content from leading social networks including SoundCloud and Twitter. It is a micro-blogging site, which actually works and in a way, your mind will bow away. It is highly similar to Tumblr and allow auto posting through email. You do not get any plugins here and no monetization.



Posthaven can be the ideal platform with the qualities you are looking in a Tumblr alternative. The platform asks you to pay an amount of $5 per month as upfront price allowing 10 blogs post. The sole aim of this platform is to last longer. You get amazing features like password-encrypted blogs, email notification for activity on your blog, post with docs, audio and video. Posthaven do not offer any trial and one cannot use it until buying month subscription.



Reddit is another renowned Tumblr alternative that also works as social media platform, online forum, content rating and news accretion platform. It might appear as time waste when you have to spend a lot of time to get your images approved when you are looking for something big. You can browse among the innumerable images, chats, videos and reviews. You can submit your pictures here and it has a great name among the audience all over the world.



Blogger is one of the majorly used blogging platforms and it has a colossal database of users. Innumerable webmasters are using this platform to run their own blogs. This platform is popular since it has got an exotic range of blogging choices. You can even pick your niche and strategies on this platform for blogging. The platform is inspired from WordPress. You can manage your blogs with the free account over Blogger. It is what it offers that is making this blogging platform suitable Tumblr alternative.



Blogging world is incomplete if we do not mention about WordPress. It is indisputably best Tumblr alternative that is open-source and free CMS. It is a blend of free and premium access, which makes it a great choice for blogging even for beginners. It offers you a platform that is SEO friendly, social media integration, custom categories addition, and support multi-user access. It is highly reliable platform and works great if you are creating monetized blogs.



It is an awesome alternative to Tumblr where one can do microblogging in about 500words easily. With this platform, you are able to share your views with others on related topics. You can reply or comment to other’s post, follow topics of your niche, and people to show them your blog posts and share your view. It is very simple to use and post. You can get a notable engagement over this platform. You can create a post of only under 500 words capacity. In addition, the site is free to use.



If you want a fuss-free and simple site like Tumblr, Type pad is the one. Many major brands like BBC and MSNBC are even using this platform for their blogs. It promotes the blog post over its network thereby enhancing the traffic and visitors. It offers a free trial that you can use for your purpose. It is highly reliable and enable you map custom domains. It is however, not extendible as WordPress.



If you feel creating a personalized website is a complex process, you must consider Site123. It allows you easily creation of appealing websites. It offers an amazing collect of templates that is giving a tough competition to that of Tumblr. You can get everything for your website whether you want it for a business site, photography site, interactive blog or anything. It will use your domain name for the online business. It is easy to give a great look to your site over Site123. It offers a useful website builder. The only thing it lacks is that it doesn’t offer much of pro tools.

Hope you have find what you came here looking for. This list has best and trending Tumblr alternatives that are efficient and easy to use. They are surely not going out of trend at least for coming 10 years.

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