10 Pro Racing Games For PC Under 2 GB graphics card

10 Pro Racing Games For PC Under 2 GB graphics card [Updated 2022]

We all are feeling bored during this lockdown and find different ways to make ourselves busy and tension free. In this situation, all that we can do is finding new movies and games on the internet. Games work as the best therapy for us to refresh our mind. Sometimes our pc does not support heavy games.

But don’t worry, the games which we can discuss in this article fits under the criteria of racing games under the criteria of pc games under 2gb graphic card.

I assure you that by playing these racing games you will feel fun and adventure.   From there graphics to awesome racing coarse, all these games work well.

Now let’s discuss the best racing games for pc under 2gb graphics card.

Dirty rally 2.0

Dirt rally 2.0 is one of the best car racing game which fits under the criteria of under 2gb graphic card games. This game was developed and published by code masters and compatible for Windows, PlayStation4, and Xbox One. both single and multiplayer modes are available in this game.

The main focus of this game is on rallying and rallycross. Your both victory and defeat depends upon your strategies and timing.  You can experience each level in different countries like Argentina, New Zealand, Spain, and many more. To make your game more interesting and adventurous, you can choose your favorite car out of 50 cars for racing. With the help of rallycross mode, you can able to ride rallycross supercars from the world rallycross championship.

The last but not the least feature of this game is its changing weather conditions which affect the relative level of grip.  Due to this drivers have to choose their vehicle wisely and repair it from time to time. That’s why we can consider this game as the best racing game that works as best as the original dirt rally game.

Dangerous driving

If you are a game lover and loves to play racing games. Then this awesome dangerous driving game is designed for you which is a perfect sequel of the burnout series. This game was developed by Three Fields Entertainment for Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. In this amazing game, you can able to activate the Nitro meter by performing mindblowing stunts. Once the nitrometer gets activated, your game boosts up automatically.

This game is available in both single and multiplayer modes. You can speed up your game by ram your opponents into the sides of tracks. The time they take to reappear in the race is the time in which you can speed up your game and win.  The main purpose of the developers of this game is to create a game similar to burnout but on their terms and conditions. The best part of this game is that it contains all the racing games features and it easily fits under the category of best racing games under 2gb graphic card.

Monster energy supercross3

While discussing the best racing games under the 2gb graphics card, how can we forget about the monster energy supercross3 game? This game contains more features than any similar bike racing game. Here you can able to make your team by sponsorship or you can join any official team for bike racing. This game is not just for boys but also girls. Many females characters are available in this game to make this game more fun-loving and unique.

If you want to race with other players or roam freely around the fields. Then both features are available in this game according to your choice. With the help of a track editor, you can create tracks by yourself. If your track voted as best, then it can be used for both offline and online tournaments.

With the help of the race editor feature, you can also able to control multiplayer races. You can have the option to choose the starting point, tracks, and cameras to focus on the race. I am pretty sure after reading these features, nobody wants to leave this game without playing. For any bike lover, this is one of the best-created bike racing game.

Need for speed heat 

Need for speed heat is the latest game of the ‘Need for Speed’ series and contains all the features of any racing video game. This game is generally based upon the storyline in which players have to interact with the cops. This game is available in both single as well as multiplayer mode. You have an option to switch between day and night mode while playing. If day mode helps you to earn money which you can spend on new cars and vehicles. On the other hand, during night mode you can able to participate in illegal street races which helps you to earn REP.

The other features of this game are its open-world environment called palm city. The inbuilt map in this game helps you a lot to know about the diverse geographic regions of this game. Here you have an option to choose your favorite car from a total of 127 cars. These features make this game the best racing game under a 2gb graphic card.


WRC8 ( World Rally Championship) is one of the best racing games of the whole WRC series. This game becomes more fun and amazing after the addition of new cars and 102 special stages.

This game supports both single as well as the multiplayer mode and supported by windows under 2gb graphic card. You can compete with your friends and other online players in this game. That’s why this game is considered as the best racing game of the series.

Mxgp 2019

If you love to ride bikes and have a  dream of bike riding on different tracks with lots of fun and adventure. Then this amazing bike racing game is for you. If you want to learn how to ride like a pro then this game helps you a lot with its amazing features of the track editing, waypoint, etc.

If you love to face challenges, then this game comes with lots of new challenges like changing weather conditions, competing against pro players, etc. This is the only bike racing game that gives you a real experience with amazing bikes, tracks, and official rivals. Like all other racing games, discussed above this game is available for windows that support games of less than 2gb graphics.

From its awesome graphics to its interface, this game works well on every pc, PlayStation, and Xbox One. That’s why it is considered as the best bike racing game.

Project cars 3

Project cars 3 is the upcoming racing game with lots of new features and adventures. Changing weather conditions, various seasons, more customizable cars and 24 hours availability of cycles make this game more interesting. Refined multiplayer mode is also supported in this game.

This game contains some similar features of other games of the Codemasters series. This game will be supposed to be released on 28 August 2020. I want you to discover some more amazing features by downloading this amazing game for your pc and enjoy.

MotoGP 19

The most realistic bike riding experience is waiting for you with lots of new surprises and adventures. You can experience real fun with 35 amazing bikes, legendary opponents, historic tracks, and interesting graphic editors.

Your victory depends upon the decisions of controlling your bike. You can style your character according to your choice. To make your game more interesting you can challenge your friends and also race against other online rivals. You can have an option to direct a race also. These features make this game the best racing game under a 2gb graphic card.


Pacer is the most adventurous racing game which is the updated version Formula fusion game of 2015. This game is specially designed for Windows and supports both single as well as multiplayer mode.

With amazing cars and other amazing features. This game becomes more fun-loving and awesome.


If you are looking for a traditional way of racing, then this game is for you. This game works on similar criteria just like other racing games. In this game, you can choose your vehicle and track according to your choice.

Your gameplay depends upon your choice, either you can fight against your rivals by speeding up or by avoiding problems and opponents. You have a choice to buy, sell, and customize vehicles according to your choice.

Three modes are supported by this game are multiplayer mode, career mode, and custom events. This game is totally supported by your pc if you are looking for the best racing game which is under 2gb graphic card.


We already discuss top racing games under the 2gb graphic card in our article. Now it’s your turn to choose any game and share your experience with us after playing these games.  If you can really find this information useful for you, then please don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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