10 Best Parody (Cartoon) Animator Software

10 Best Parody (Cartoon) Animator Software In 2022

Are you looking for the best Cartoon Animator software? If yes, then you are in the right place. Cartoon Animator software is very useful for creating the best animated and creative videos. If you don’t have enough budget but still want to make creative cartoon videos for any channel, blog then this software helps you a lot. You just need to spend some time on these tools. These tools are helpful to create education-related videos to make students understand any topic easily and funnily. You can create both 2D and 3D animated videos with these tools.

So let’s discuss the 10 best Cartoon Animator software in our topic. Most of the tools are free of cost but some tools charge some money.


Animaker is one of the best user-friendly cartoon animator software which is generally designed for both beginners as well as pro editors. If you want to make people understand your concept then this amazing software helps you a lot best-animated video with sound effects, graphics and voice over. This software is very easy to understand with its drag and drop options. This software works mainly for creating 2D animations with full HD and real effects. You are not only created videos here but also share these videos directly on other apps like youtube, Instagram, etc.

As a beginner, the free version of this software works best for you. But if you want some more features like in-app camera, multimove, curves, transition effects, and enter/exit effects to add in your video then you must have to go for its premium version. The minimum cost of this software is just 19$ per month with the availability of free trial.


If you are a  pro editor and looking for a perfect tool to create the impressive  2D and 3D animations or a mix up of both the animations. Then this software works best for you and contains all the features which anybody wants in any cartoon animated software. This software features:

  •  Animation Tool for the character’s pose editing and sound synchronization.
  • Rigging tools are used for the transformation of character into the posable character.
  •  Shape keys are used for blending shapes. this feature is generally used for character’s facial animation and refining a skeletal rig.
  •  A grease pencil is the best tool for drawing 3D art directly and used for combining both 2D and 3D art.
  •  Simulation feature is used for the creation of fog, smoke, rain, fire effects in your video.

The best thing about this software is that it is all available at free of cost.

Pencil 2D

Pencil 2D is the best software for beginners with all the user-friendly features for creating the best 2D animations. This software is open-source software that is supported by various platforms like Windows, Linux, and OSX. You can create funny and interesting videos here with minimum efforts. You can easily switch between Raser and Vector workflow which allows you to paint, sketch, and ink according to your choice.

This software is a lightweight software which is very easy to use and handle. For using this software you don’t need to pay any charges.


If you are new to this animation software world and looking for the best cartoon animator software. Then this Synfig open-source 2D animation software is for you. For your convenience, this software is available in two versions: stable and developmental version. The stable version helps you as a beginner and the developmental version helps you to upgrade your level by using some new features.

This software is available in more than 50 layers to create interesting and advanced animations with sound synchronization. If you want full control over your vector artwork then this software provides you lots of powerful tools for this work. For creating advanced characters this software provides you some advanced controls like linking of parameters with layers directly or with mathematical expression. This software is completely free of cost.


Opentoonz is another 2D animation software used for creating animation videos and designed for professional users. This software features changing picture styles, affected incident light, wavy distortion, and much more. This software also features a GTS scanning tool and compatible with four types of scanning: Black, White, Colored, With or Without Binarization.

This amazing 2D animator software is also compatible with TWAIN standards. This software works as the best cartoon animator software and it is free of cost.

Toon Boom Harmony

Toon Boom Harmony is another best cartoon animator software for 2D and 3D animation videos. Videos created in this software can be useful for any presentation, educational topic, and much more. This software looks like a small packet with a lot many awesome things. This software features the best Lighting, Shading, Special effects, Advanced Rigging, Advance color effects, and master controls. We get a lot many features in a very low amount.

  • This software is available in 3 versions: Harmony essentials is for introductory purpose available at 19$ per month.
  • Harmony advanced version is designed for freelancers, studios, and other creators and available
  • at just 48 $ per month.
  • Harmony Premium is for professionals and available at 90$ per month.



K-3D software is one of the most flexible software used for 3D animation with very easy to understand and control features. This awesome software features procedural and parametric workflow. You can easily adjust and change any property anytime and the results appear immediately. This software gives you an option of undo and redo if any mistake occurs while creating animation. In this software, with the help of a node-based visualization pipeline power, you can create unique combinations that anyone can never see.

You can use every feature in this software free of cost. If you want to be your animation unique then this software works best for you and called the best cartoon animator software.


If you are new to this animation world and want to create unique videos for your business or anything. Then Powtoon software helps you to create amazing animated videos with hundreds of animated characters, templates, soundtrack, and many more features. If you are a beginner then you don’t need to do much effort to understand this software. It is easy to handle and understand this software. This software also supports export to other platforms like  YouTube, Facebook, Wistia, Vimeo, PowerPoint, and PDF.

This software also features custom styles and helps lots of businessmen to increase their productivity by making unique and attention-seeking videos. To get some advanced animation features you can go its paid version also.


Moho is designed for artists who want to create unique 2D animation videos. If you have a creative mind and want any tool to show your creativeness through animation then this amazing software works best for you. This software features enhanced free hands tools, improved UI/UX design, realistic motion blur, multiple layers animation at the same time, and many more. The functions of this software are advanced that’s why beginners face a little bit of difficulty while understanding and handling.

This software is available in two versions one is Moho Debut 13 and the other is Moho Professional 13. Both versions have their special features. If you want some more professional tools for 2D animation then you can also go for the pro version of this software.

Toontastic 3D

Toontastic 3D software is the best software for kids who want to create animated cartoon characters according to them.  You just need to draw your characters and then insert them line-wise according to your story with the help of given templates. You can daily create awesome storytelling videos and increase your creativity level.

This software is not only used by kids but by some brands also to create storytelling videos for marketing. But if you want a professional level animation then this tool is not for you. Otherwise, this software works as the best cartoon animator software for kids and beginners. This software works for you free of cost with just a good internet connection.


In this article, we already discussed the 10 best cartoon animator software. It includes both free and paid software so you can choose any software according to your need and choice. All the software works best for you and you don’t have to think about much about choosing. If you have any doubts and suggestions please don’t hesitate to tell us in our comment section.

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