10 Best New Zombie Survival Games For Pc And Macbook Pro #2022

The year 2020 was not kind to the video game industry. We had a global health epidemic that necessitated the closure of various jobs for an amount of time. It wasn’t long before development studios began to shift from operating in workplaces to working from home. As a result, numerous development companies had to postpone various video game ventures. As a result, the year 2021 should be jam-packed with video game releases. Take a look at the 10 best new Zombie games in this post.

Resident Evil Village

While Capcom has been remaking some of the franchise’s older editions, the most recent substantial installment is a new mainstream production. After the actions of Resident Evil 7, gamers are thrust back into Ethan’s boots in Resident Evil Village. After Chris Redfield reappears in an unexpected turn of events, Ethan once again found his life in disarray. Following the apparent kidnapping of his child, Rose, Ethan demands explanations. It’s a terrible uphill fight being stuck in an isolated community with new frightening animals. Aside from the conventional undead zombies, this videogame has a diverse set of adversaries. This is where you’ll find everything from Lycans to Dracula

Back 4 Blood

Turtle Rock Studios developed Left 4 Dead, a big hit that Valve now owns. The video game series places victims in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. And Players must accomplish a sequence of activities in order to be rescued. There are two chapters, both of which were critical and commercial successes. However, Turtle Rock Studios has since split relations with Valve and moved on to other initiatives.

Thankfully, the company was eager to return to the land of zombie hordes and action-packed scenes. Back 4 Blood was released as a spiritual sequel. The creators’ overall objective was to create a gameplay that focused on the plot, opponents, and weapon variety.

Call of Duty: Vanguard Zombies Mode

The zombies game type in the Call of Duty series is well-known. It’s your normal wave-based first-person shooter, with participants battling Nazi zombies that come back from the dead. It’s a stressful struggle as they try to eat your body. The traditional cliches associated with the zombie’s play mode will be included in this latest version. Objectives must be completed, weaponry must be unlocked, and zombie heads must be blown up.

However, it appears that this new game will provide players with additional information about the Dark Aether realm and how it has interacted with mankind throughout the years.

Days Gone

As Sony announced that Horizon Zero Dawn, a PlayStation 4 only game, would be coming to PC, they took a strong statement. Sony has gradually added additional videogames to the Desktop computer since then. We got the Days Gone exclusive in 2021.

Players assume the character of Deacon St. John, a rider who is surviving the brutal world with his closest buddy, Boozer while doing side jobs for multiple organizations. This game takes place in an open-world setting, enabling gamers to freely discover and complete objectives at any time.

World War Z: Aftermath

World War Z is not a brand-new video game. This game was released in 2020, however, it was given a huge upgrade this year. Users will have to cope with additional stuff in Aftermath. Melee combat has been added, as well as new places to confront the undead. If you haven’t tried this game before, it’s similar to Left 4 Dead or Back 4 Blood. It’s a collaborative FPS zombie game in which you fight the zombies as a group. In the meantime, there are several missions to perform and opponents to avoid.

After The Fall

After The Fall is another intriguing project that will presumably be released this year. This is a new zombie VR game that plays similarly to Left 4 Dead. It’s also a game by Vertigo Games, which previously released Arizona Sunshine, another legendary VR zombie game. Participants will experience a new cold age that has engulfed the globe, bringing with it a virus that has transformed people into mindless zombies. Gamers will assume the character of a victim who will fight the zombies with a range of weaponry and unusual gadgetry.

Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights

Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights is a new independent game that resembles Hollow Knight quite a bit. The game is a 2D Metroidvania featuring severe action. Participants assume the character of Lily, a young woman who emerges from hibernation within the monastery structure. Later, she found that a deadly curse has already struck the empire. Everybody has transformed into horrible monsters, and Lily is the only one who can rid the land of them.

Ghosts ‘n Goblins Resurrection

The Ghost ‘n Goblins series has a long history and is a well-known adventure. The creators have already released Ghosts ‘n Goblins Resurrection in 2021. This is a further 2D side-scrolling action game. In this game, gamers take on the role of knight Arthur, who must navigate the Demon Realm.


Undying is an independent game that includes a mother and her child. They will be on a journey to survival amid a zombie outbreak. It’s a bleak story from the beginning, with people taking on the character of Anling. A mother who is sick already and has just a few days before transforming into a mindless zombie. With only a few hours till she takes her last breath as a rational human being. The mother, Anling needs to educate her son Cody on what he needs to know to secure his life. Gamers will also be discovering the surroundings in order to obtain necessities such as food and water.

Them and Us

Them and Us is a death horror game in which gamers are transported into 1978 in this game title, where our character, Alicia, suffers a horrific car accident. Alicia who is now alone and in need of assistance finds herself in a foreign place populated with zombies. Participants will subsequently be forced to battle for their lives in order to escape this nightmare and figure out what is going on.





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