Adobe InDesign – What Is Adobe Indesign Used For?

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Adobe InDesign is popular among graphic designers, artists, publishers, and marketing professionals. And if you’re also one of those artists or designers and looking for a better software option to create designs. This desktop publishing software is for you.

You can literally create or design anything. Be it magazines, banners or books, etc.
These days it is also becoming popular for presentation and eBooks creations. With the combination of Adobe InDesign and Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. You can create suitable content for tablets and mobile devices.

Adobe InDesign, though it is the latest desktop publishing design software, the feature it has is mind-blowing.

Some Important Features of Adobe InDesign

Here are some features that you should know about Adobe InDesign.

Easy To Learn Interface

If you have been using Adobe product, I am sure you have heard of PageMaker which is a discontinued desktop publishing computer application.
PageMaker serves the same purpose as InDesign but lacks lots of features. That’s the reason Adobe replace PageMaker with InDesign.
Adobe InDesign interface is like any other Adobe products. It’s easy to learn and easy to use. The toolbox, the palettes, menu bar all are similar to other Adobe products.

Clipping Paths

You need not use Photoshop to create a clipping path while using InDesign. InDesign tracks the edges of the image and create a clipping path automatically.

Text On a Path

Text on a path was only available in illustrator. But now it’s available in InDesign too. All you have to do is simply draw the path and place the text along the outline.

Character and Paragraph Styles

Adobe InDesign users can now change the character and paragraph styles with just two or more clicks. Inside the InDesign, there is an eyedropper that the user can use to copy and apply the style to 20 separate characters to a variety of text blocks.

Automatic Kerning

You need not worry about spacing and better word fit on a line if you’re using Adobe InDesign because it examines the character shapes and adjusts it automatically.

Drawing Tools

InDesign gives you a variety of free tools to draw shapes, create paths, line, and graphics. It also gives you a pen, pencil, and eraser tools to create and shapes of figures.

Multi-Line Composer

This is one of the best feature of Adobe InDesign. This feature helps to examine multiple lines of text to determine the best place to break lines for spacing and hyphenation.
Now let’s get to the system requirement.

Minimum System Requirements for Adobe InDesign

So, what system configuration do you need to run Adobe InDesign?

  • Processor – Multi core for Mac and a 64-bit processor for windows.
  • OS – Windows 7 and above. For Mac, version 10.13 and above.
  • RAM – 4 GB and above for both Mac and Windows (16 GB recommended by adobe).
  • HDD – 3.6 GB hard disk space for installation for both Mac and Windows.
  • Video Card – 32-bit Video Card.
  • Monitor Resolution – 1024 x 768 display (1920 x 1080 recommended by Adobe).


If you’re planning to publish an EBook or even print a book. This application can save you lots of time and effort. For every designer out there, Adobe InDesign is an application that you must learn to use. You never know when you’ll need it.
In this article, I have given you a basic idea about what Adobe InDesign is, what are its important features, and the minimum system requirement to use the software. Now it’s your turn to download and start using it.

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