The 10 Best Gacha Games / Hero Collector RPGs on iOS and Android (2020)

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If you are looking for the best Gacha games /Hero Collector RPGs on iOS and Android, then you are a game lover and definitely know about these games better than us.  But if you are confused and searching for the best Gacha games, then you are at the right place. We all love to listen to our favorite heroes’ stories from our grandparents and want to be like them.  We all are heroes of our life. But if you want to play a role like virtual heroes and fight with your enemies. These games provide you real experience because RPG stands for role-playing games in which you can play the role of your favorite character and fight with your enemies.

Gacha Games are getting popular these days and many people love to play these games. If you also want to know about the most popular gacha games then we can discuss best 10 Gacha Games /Hero Collector RPGs on iOS and Android for you. So let’s discuss further these Gacha Games.

Brave nine

Brave nine is the most popular RPG game having more than 1 million+ downloads and 4.4 ratings.  In this game you can build your army of heroes and play real-time battles against players all over the world in the Guild war. With the different strategies that you can build by yourself, you can play like a hero.  You can customize your characters by winning and level up your game.

If you are a pro gamer then you better know about the strategies you can use to make this game really interesting and fun-loving for you. If you are new then you can build new strategies and Polish your skills by playing this game. This game has amazing features from its gameplay mode to its user-friendly interface and graphics.

Features :-

  • You can play real time battles with players all over the world.
  • In this game, you will find more than 1400 stages to increase your skills and experience.
  • Level up your game to unlock rewards and make your character more powerful.
  • Best storyline with new experience at every stage.
  • You can challenge your friends and other people to fight Battles.
  • You can build your own community and share strategies with your team mates.
  • With battle repeating and auto deploy you can easily collect upgraded material.

The best part of this game is that it is designed for both Android and iOS users. That’s why this is the best Gacha game / Hero Collector RPGs (2020).


Epic Seven

Epic seven is the most amazing game animated RPG game. If you are a big fan of Gacha Games then this game is for you. You just feel the world is in your hands. You can play real time battles against other people all over the world. Storyline, graphics, heroes and lots of new events in this game are really amazing. Your victory and loss depends upon your moves and strategies you can make to play this game. Let’s discuss about some key features of this game.

Features :-

  • This game is based upon the epic storyline which can take you to new modern world.
  • Amazing 2D animated graphics and upgraded skills.
  • You can also play Pvp battles to make this game more interesting and fun loving for you.
  • You can become a boss by fighting against more than 16 epic heroes.
  • You can showcase your unique skills and strategies to make your game in your hand and take the story of the game to another level.
  • By unlocking new levels, you can unlock new rewards and boost your team game play.

This game is supported by both Android (6.0) and iOS. If you have an android version less than (6.0), please don’t download this game on your device.


Summoners War

If any Hero Collector RPG have more than 50 M+ downloads. No doubt then this game is really stunning with lots of fans all around the world. You can have to complete as a Summon with 1000 different monsters while playing for victory. This game is older than other hero Collector games but still have more interesting features with endless fun.  At every stage you can get new challenges and experience. But you can progress slowly in this game. Let’s discuss about some great features this amazing Gacha game.

Features :-

  • Both game play and graphics are really amazing.
  • Game storyline is really epic. You need unique strategies to play this game. Every monster has its unique skills. It all depends upon you how you can make your team and use these skills.
  • You can play as a team and defeat the King with your fellow summons.
  • You can decorate your building with new craft items and fight real time battles.
  • Defeat your enemies then you can meet with more powerful monsters on your way with new skills.
  • Upgrade your level and boost your game play.
  • You can invite your friends and compare your scoreboard with them to make this game more fun loving.

These awesome features make this best hero Collector RPG for both Android and iOS users.


Grand chase

In the list of best Gacha games /Hero Collector RPGs, Grandchase is always at the top. Like other Gacha games this game is also based upon your skills and strategies. If you have great mind to create unique strategies then this game works best for you. This game is most adventurous game with endless fun. This game is more challenging then you ever think. You can build your dream team with more than 100 new and old characters. Here are some features of this game

Features :-

  • This game has really amazing storyline and have user-friendly interface and easy controls.
  • You can change the flow of battle with just one good decision, unique skills, action on time and proper coordination.
  • You can feel real action experience on the phone which you can expect from pc by fighting more than 100 monsters and defeat all 100 monsters at once.
  • You can make your dream team by collecting different heroes with different skills.
  • You can play this game in 4 different modes known as upgrade, evolve, prestige and awaken.

Works best on both Android and iOS.


Azur Lane

Azur field is the most popular war game just like your imagination. This game is very tactical which needs your unique skills and strategies. You can build your team with 6 ships and 3 submarines to fight against your enemies. Let’s discuss best features of this game

Features :-

  • You can get a unique mix of RPG, 2D shooter and tactical genres combined designed Anime game.
  • With your team and awesome strategies fight with your enemies and defeat them.
  • Awesome graphics and easy to control gameplay mode.
  • Both AI and manually controlled battles are available in this game to have more fun and adventure.
  • More than 300 ships are available in this game and each ship is represented by a beautifully designed character.

This game is supported by both Android and iOS users and known as best Gacha and hero Collector RPG.


Destiny child

While discussing about best Gacha games, how can we forget about Destiny’s child?  This game win hearts of lots of people due to its gameplay mode, graphics and easy to control features. You can fight as a real fighter against your enemies and also defeat the world boss by making team of characters with unique skills.

Features :-

  • Easy and fast controls with amazing 3D graphics.
  • Every character which you will added in your team has its own unique skills as well as voice.
  • You can customize your characters from head to toe by level up your game.
  • You can able to fight pvp battles also to show your strength to other players.
  • Raid season is really amazing feature. You have to climb at the top of the raid. If you can able to do this, most amazing rewards are waiting for you.
  • Works best on both Android and iOS.


Final fantasy brave EXVIUS

Final fantasy brave EXVIUS is the best hero collector RPG. You can get your all hero collection in this game you have ever imagined. This game is specially designed for smartphones. In this game you can customize your character, talk with people, walk-in towns and enter into item shops while playing. You can search and fight with different characters and then defeat them. If you are familiar with this game then this is  very easy to control game.

Features :-

  • Easy and interactive battles but need a unique strategy every time to defeat your enemies.
  • High-quality graphics with more than 10 M downloads.
  • Moving in town, talk with people and compete with people to get rare items.
  • The storyline of this game is really epic.
  • You can fight Pvp battles and take your dream team to fight against rivals for amazing prizes.


Raid: Shadow legends

Raid :shadow legends become the most popular Gacha game in very little time with lots of downloads. It is the most amazing game with its realistic graphics, gameplay and features. Most strategic game with lots of challenges and crossovers on the way.

You can make your dream team of fighters with real live weapons to fight against enemies. If you want to make your team powerful then you have to focus more on the skillful players which helps you to make you a champion of this game.

Features :-

  • Add powerful champions to your team to fight against your enemies.
  • You can also able to fight epic boss battles to change the flow of game.
  • You can also fight Pvp battles to increase your strength and unlock amazing rewards.
  • You can easily customize and train your teammates to fight powerfully against their enemies.
  • Autoplay mode works really amazing that helps you to put less burden yourself and explore the village.
  • You can also unlock new champions and buy paid items also.


Marvel future fight

Marvel future fight is the most popular Gacha game /Hero Collector RPGs with 50 M downloads across the globe. Just revolve around 3 main heroes which you can use one by one. Each hero has its own different powers and skills.

You can make your marvel team to defeat your enemies and also team up with your friends to make powerful strategies against your enemies.

If we are discussing about features of this game, it is a complete package of interesting features.

Features :-

  • Make your marvel team by choosing from more than 200 characters that are available to play and defeat your enemies.
  • You can save the world by defending, by preparing your team, complete missions and fight against your enemies.
  • You can easily customize and level up your characters from head to toe with more than 100 different costumes.
  • You can experience new story at every turn of the game. This makes your game more interesting and fun-loving.
  • Team up with your friends to fight and new characters are added in this game from time to time.
  • Graphics, gameplay and controls of these games will never disappoint you.


Lyn – The light bringer

Are you getting fed up from same virtual stories and want to experience real fun? If yes, then this Lyn- The light bringer is game for you.  I am sure you will definitely love to play this game. But every game has both pros and cons. But this game has more pros as compared to cons. Let’s discuss features of this game :

Features :-

  • Most amazing and epic storyline.
  • Make your team with unforgettable heroes and prepare and customize them according to you.
  • Never-ending 3D experience and stunning graphics
  • Live and strategy based competitions take place.
  • Get a chance to fight against real-time monsters and unlock new rewards.
  • This game is updated from time to time.
  • Works well on both Android and iOS.



So we already discussed 10 best Gacha games /Hero Collector RPGs on iOS and Android (2020) in our article. Now choose your favorite game and make your mind refresh by playing these games. Share your experience of playing these games with us in our comment section.

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