SBI Travel Insurance Review 2020

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SBI is one of India’s most affordable policies for travel insurance. SBI General Insurance Co Limited’s travel insurance division is an agreement between State Bank of India (SBI) and Australia-based Australia Insurance Group and JAG.

This partnership involves both firms. It offers a full cover not only to Indians who travel abroad but also to foreign nationals who work in India. The SBI General Travel Insurance for Business & Holiday provides you and your family with comprehensive coverage when you’re on business around the world.

You are covered by any medical, non-medical and financial emergencies during your travel abroad. It allows you to control your condition and helps restore your tranquility.


How to choose SBI General Travel Insurance?

An international trip is designed with great accuracy so that travelers can enjoy the journey in a fun way. Nonetheless, even the smallest of unjustified incidents like delays in flights can disrupt your plans and lead to significant losses.

SBI General Travel Insurance provides among the best Travel Insurance policies on the market to ensure that you are free from such losses. See why you should buy an SBI General Insurance travel insurance policy:

  • Health benefits up to US$ 5.00,000
  • SBI General Travel Insurance offers 24×7 roadside assistance programs around the globe Option to choose from the worldwide package, or the USA and Canada plan, excluding the worldwide, Customized plan for frequent travelers
  • A 15-day free look-out time will be given for insured sum guaranteed in both individual and family floats.
  •  No medical test for applicants for the SBI General Travel Insurance Free policy extension up to 7 days





This is a comprehensive insurance plan designed for travelers from abroad on a single trip. It is made for people and families who sometimes travel around the world, mostly on holiday and on their own. The program pays for a wide variety of covered and family coverage, including medical care, hospitalization cash, personal injuries, loss of passport, personal liability, travel reduction, home burglary insurance and more.



This policy is made for people who frequently travel abroad, most of them for business use by SBI General Travel Insurance. This enables insured travelers, without buying a fresh travel insurance policy, to undertake several international trips before each voyage. The policy is not only more lucrative but also provides the insured with a one-year trip, unlike a one-way insurance plan. The medical insurers, travel cancellations, trip delays, advance cash, missed connections, baggage delay and Ransome bonds are among other things covered under this international voyage insurance plan.


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