SBI Health Insurance For Account Holders 2020

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SBI General Health Insurance provides family float policies that cover self, spouse, children and dependent parents under a single policy. There are plenty of options to choose from such as flexible plan options-Metro Plan, Semi-Metro Plan or Rest of India.

Get a lifetime renewal option with SBI General Health Insurance Plans
As we all know, each person has different health types with varying controls. SBI General has also tried to make plans specific to each individual’s requirements, giving them a better sense of safety and health. The key features of the program are given below:

  1. Wide coverage– between 50000/-and 5,00,000/-.
  2. No medical screening for individuals with no medical history up to 45 years of age.
  3. The Floater Family benefits from the availability of policies under a single program are quite extensive. Metro PLAN, Semi Metro Plan and Rest of India Flexible Plan options.
  4. Free Medical Check-up for every four years, free of charge, up to a maximum limit of Rs.2500/-Cashless Centers throughout the SBI Network of hospitals covering 60 and 90 days, respectively.


TYPES of health insurance plans in SBI



The Arogya Premier Policy offers individual rights and calmness since he and his family must carry on the policy. SBI has been enforcing this program, providing many benefits, including a trouble-free purchasing process, a relaxed age limit, regular health checks, tax savings, the built-up bonus option and coverage of many diseases.

SBI Hospital Daily Cash Insurance Policy

The package gives you a set bonus for any hospital stay. The plan also contains specific expenses that are not typically covered by traditional policies. The following are the most relevant features of the scheme:

Daily cash gain of up to Rs. 2,000 per day of admission Day benefits up to Rs. 4,000 per day of admission to ICU Regular compensation up to Rs. 4,000 per day of adversarial admission Above and within 30 days or 60 days or the minimum admission age shall be 18 years, while the maximum duration is 655 days.


SBI Critical Illness Insurance Policy

As we all know, life is very inattentive which things are sometimes not always beneficial to us. One of those events one not only emotionally but financially, is definitely an essential disease. At times, these high expenses cannot occur to patients and their family members. At least 13 critical diseases are included in this specific plan. This program offers a fixed sum irrespective of the current medical costs and will help keep you financially stable. The main characteristics of the package are listed below: Sum Assured up to 50, 000 /-. Cashless facilities available for 30 or 60 days before and after hospitalization expenses respectively.

Arogya Plus Policy

The cover helps to offset rising OPD costs and hospitalization costs and makes sure that policyholders don’t spend too much money on hospital bills. Such medical facts can paralyze individuals and make an enormous difference between current and future finances. However, most business strategies provide limited coverage of expenses. However, such compensation does not shield the client from OPD Day expenses and all these expenses are left to fend for himself. This is where SBI General Arogya Plus Policy assists people in spending.

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