SBI General Car Insurance Renewal 2020

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SBI Car Insurance by SBI General Insurance Company is the most trusted general insurer in India, there is a joint venture between State Bank of India, which owns 74% of the total, and the Insurance Australia Group (IAG), which owns the remaining 26%. When driving on the roads of India, you don’t know what’s going to be waiting for you. Your car may get involved in an accident and sometimes it’s stolen as well.

That’s why securing your car is extremely important. Apart from that, a four-wheeler is considered as one of the most important assets in everyone’s life. A full range of customized plans to meet customers ‘ needs is available from an SBI car insurance plan. If you think of your car policy, you need to consider SBI car insurance plans.



  • SBI car insurance policy provides car owners with a compulsory personal accident cover if the driver has a valid driving license.
  • The vehicle shall be renewed with the insurer. Only one claim has to be made during the policy date. The insured vehicle shall be repaired in a garage approved by the client. 
  • The amount of No Claim Bonus at the time of renewal shall be at the same time as the period before the loss incurred by the company.
  • You can enjoy the benefits of a CNG LPG Bi-Fuel Package if you buy SBI General Car Insurance. 
  • SBI car insurance plans can be bought or renewed online without hassle. 
  • Over 18,000 IRDA certified employees are working in SBI General Insurance Company Limited and provide productive customer service.



You can buy and renew your plans online with just some details. You can do this with a visit to the official website> Individual plans > Purchase / Renew Online option. Renewing car insurance is essential to prevent any future accidents for your vehicle.


For your General Car Insurance Renewal Dates, you can set reminders so that you can never skip the renewal date of your contract. SBI General car renewal insurance is very cheap, smooth, fast and easy to use. With just a few mouse clicks you can renew your general SBI auto insurance plan.


You will get an authorization email in your registered email ID once you have made your payment online. The general vehicle renovation policy details for future use can be downloaded and saved.


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