SBI Balance Enquiry Toll Free Number, Check Balance 2020

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The customers of the State Bank of India (SBI) account can use various methods to test their account balance. SBI Balance Enquiry is available through its toll-free number, mobile bank account, net bank, ATM, branch visit, text messaging (SBI Quick), etc. Any form for SBI balance check can be selected as follows:



SBI customers may use the bank’s SMS banking services to check or receive a small statement of their SBI account balance. You simply have to make a missed call or send an SMS of your registered mobile numbers on the toll-free SBI balance inquiry phone. They will get their balance details on their phone in a few seconds.


Customers may contact the SBI Balance Enquiry Free number mentioned below to check their account balance: 


Or SMS to  0922386666 with “MSTMT”



Here are a few alternative ways customers can check the balance of their SBI account:



The ATM-cum-debit card given to them for the SBI balance can also be used by customers who have SBI accounts. You will have to visit the State Bank of India ATM and follow the above steps: 

  • Swipe your SBI ATM cum debit card. 
  • Use the 4-digit ATM PIN. 
  • Choose the “Balance Enquiry” option. 


Customers can also verify their last 10 transactions by using the option to select “Mini Statement” in the ATM. A receipt with details of the last 10 accounts transactions shall be printed on SBI ATM. SBI customers may also check their banks ‘ balance through non-SBI or third-party ATM services.



In SBI accounts that are registered of net banking, their net banking identity and password may be used to log into their net banking account. SBI offers its customers various banking facilities, including a balance inquiry, home loans, mortgage loans, transfers of funds, personal credits, etc.



SBI customers will register for their SMS service using their mobile numbers and will then verify the balance of the SBI account. You should take the following steps to register for it.  As seen below, the SMS format is:


REG “ACCOUNT NUMBER “ send it to 09223488888

SBI sends a confirmation message to the user. This service can now be used by customers to check the balance of the SBI account, mini statement, checkbook submission, e-statement and the interest certificate for education credit and home credit.



Using the SMS service, SBI credit card users can check their balance and other information. You can get different information by sending an SMS to 5676791. It uses the following SMS formats

  1. Credit and cash limit AVAIL XXXX. 
  2. Block your lost or stolen card BLOCK XXXX. 
  3. Account status Payment XXX.   
  4. Reward point overview REWARD XXXX. 
  5. Subscribe to e-statement ESTMT XXXX. 
  6. A submission for Duplicate statement DSTMT XXXX MM (statement month in MM)
  7. Credit and Cash limit Available AVAIL XXX.



  • Once the State Bank of India opens a bank account, it gives its customers a passbook.
  • Customers will periodically change their passbooks to ensure that they contain information on all transactions carried out. 
  • To test the current balance, customers are allowed to access their revised passbooks and to show the record of both their debit and credit trades. For each passbook change, customers will visit the bank branch. 
  • This method of checking the balance is mostly not possible. As many people often don’t want to use the bank’s net banking or mobile banking services. 


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