10 Tips To Protect Yourself From Coronavirus In 2020

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Coronavirus is a virus that spread all around the world officially named Covid – 19. First case of this virus was found in China. Now this virus is spreading all around the world. It is not spread through the air but it is spread from person to person through sneezing, coughing and other things also. Scientists put all their efforts to cure this disease as soon as possible.

Symptoms of this virus:-

  • Cough
  • Fever
  • Sneezing
  • In more severe cases, it can lead to pneumonia.

We all know that ‘Prevention is always better than cure ‘.So here are some ways you can protect yourself from coronavirus:-

  • Clean your hands properly –Wash your hands properly with soap before and after doing any work. If your hands are clean then the chance of spreading this virus reduced very much. Because most of the work we can do with our hands. Whether it is having a meal or doing any other work. So hands should be properly cleaned.
  • Always use face mask –Always wear a mask when going somewhere outside. Mask blocks the tiny droplets of liquid go into the mouth. Infection may also spread into the body through eyes. So make sure your eyes must be protected also.
  • Cover your face while coughing or sneezing – Always cover your face with a tissue while coughing and sneezing. If you don’t have tissue or handkerchief then don’t use your hands. Use your elbows while sneezing and coughing. Because of most of the work done by us with the help of hands. That thing made the chances of virus spread very less.
  • Consult to doctor – If you have a common cold or fever consult to doctor as soon as possible. So you can recover it from as soon as possible. If it becomes severe it may lead to death also.
  • Avoid unprotected contact with live animals –When you are going outside in the market then avoid contact with the animals and things related to them. This is also one of the causes of spreading disease.
  • Drink more water – Drink a maximum of water in a day. If there is an entry of a virus in your mouth then by drinking water it can move into the stomach. With the acidity of the stomach, it can be killed before infecting. So stay hydrated and stay healthy.
  • Always use alcohol sanitizer- Virus lives on hands for 10 minutes. So always carry hand sanitizer in your pocket. Whenever needed clean your hands properly. This thing helps in prevention a lot.
  • The virus killed at the highest temperature – Virus generally killed at very high temperature. If the temperature is equal to 26-27 degrees. Then the activity of the virus is reduced. So always use hot water to drink and sun exposure. This can help you a lot to prevent the virus.
  • When you can come from the virus-infected area then avoid contact with people and stay at home for 14 days.
  • When you can come from the virus-infected area and having a cough and fever. Then consult to doctor as soon as possible. Avoid contact with people and stay at home until you are properly recovered and don’t go out from home without the permission of the Doctor.
  • Do not share your towels, utensils and other personal things with each other. This thing also helps us to prevent the virus.



Here we discuss some ways of protection from this virus. Use these easy ways and get prevented from this virus. So guys stay healthy and stay happy. Laughter is the best therapy for every problem. If you like this article please like, comment and share.

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