Microsoft Windows 7 Pros And Cons 2020

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Windows 7 OverView

How many of you like the Windows 7 operating system?It is still preferred by many people. Let’s know more about this operating system and how it became famous. It belongs to the family of Windows NT. Microsoft released it in the year 2009 as an improvement to Windows Vista.

First, let’s know the basic system requirements for Windows 7.

Minimum System Requirements for Windows 7

Operating system 32bit 64bit
Processor 1GHz IA-32 1GHz x86-64
Graphics card DirectX 9 graphics processor with WDDM driver model 1.0
Storage 16GB 20GB
Installation media DVD Drive, USB Drive


Pros of Windows 7

  • New Windows provides faster installation and booting older versions.
  • There are newly updated features and components in Windows 7 from Windows Vista and Windows XP.
  • Windows defender in the new operating system provides more security to your system from malware.
  • It supports virtual hard-disk and the performance is enhanced with multicore processors.
  • There are new desktop features likeAero Peek, Aero Shake, and snap. It gives a visual treat to the users.
  • Advanced touch and Handwriting recognition features are also included in this operating system which provides ease.
  • There is support for more new themes and background pictures for user’s choice.
  • Windows Media Player has also updated its features like drag and drop
  • Old Word Pad has been improved with open, edit, and word prediction It moreover looks like Microsoft Office Word.
  • Paint has a new realistic brush It helps in painting some realistic pictures.
  • There are new features in Calculator such as unit conversions, fuel economy, auto lease payment.
  • It also provides user-specified account settings to prevent unauthorized software installation.
  • Windows 7 is stable than older versions of Windows Vista. Hence, users face a lesser crash than previous versions.

Cons of Windows 7

  • Some users may face difficulty in up-gradation from Windows XP to Windows 7. This may be due to the 1GB RAM requirement. Users may need to buy additional resources to upgrade.
  • Certain applications and software may not have compatible versions for Windows 7. Users may face issues with older versions of these applications.
  • Windows 7 is expensive than older versions of Microsoft Operating Systems. This is due to the newer facilities provided.


Removed Features

  • Start Menu
    • Most frequently used cannot beexcluded
    • Classic start menu features removed
    • Dynamic pinning of default browser removed
  • Taskbar
    • Comment field is not displayed
    • No icons for 16-bit apps
    • Floating toolbars are removed
  • Windows Explorer
    • Control panel only has Tiles view
    • “Customize” tab removed for folders via libraries
    • Shared overlay icon removed
  • Windows Search
    • Advanced search builder User Interface
    • In Search tab folder option, the option to search only file names removed
  • Windows shell features
    • Autorun only for CD and DVDs supported
    • Snap mouse to default button removed


Since the operating system is updated, basic users may feel difficulty in up-gradation and compatibility with older software. But for advanced users, this feels like a boon. More advanced features, faster performance, and user-friendly interface make it worth the price and effort.

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