List Of All Battlefield Games With Year That Ever Released

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While discussing battle games, the franchise of battlefield games is always at the top and responsible for always deliver best.  This battlefield games series are developed by dice. The reason behind preferring these battlefield games is that,  this franchise always works best for improving itself.

Every time battlefield franchise released  new game, it contains  better graphics and new features. There are many battlefield games released from 2002-2020. These games are the first shooter games and mainly focus on online multiplayer mode. While releasing battle field series, proper attention is given to graphics, large maps, weapons and vehicles.

If you are a pro gamer, then you enjoy most of the games of the series and feel the difference between old and new series. If you are new to this series, then don’t worry you definitely enjoy these series and feel the difference by yourself. Now let’s discuss about all Battle field games list that ever released (2002-2020).


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Battlefield 1942 (2002)

Battlefield 1942 is the first shooter game that is based upon the theme of world war 2. In its time, this game works well and win lots of people’s heart.  This game can be played in both single player aa well multiplayer mode. In multiplayer mode you can play against other players on Internet and in local area network.

The system of the game allows you to choose different roles (classes)like Scout, Assault, Anti-Tank, Medic and Engineer. You can choose anyone of them to participate in battle.  In this game you can able to use various aircrafts, ships jeeps and weapons which were used in world war 2.

No doubt, the games released at this time has many more features but at that time battlefield 1942 works very well and have lots of fans. The best part of this game is that you can play battles at a variety of locations and experience new things at new places every time.

Battlefield Vietnam (2004)

Battlefield Vietnam is just works similar to battlefield 1942 but contains some new features and new weapons. This game is totally based upon the Vietnam war. The weapons and vehicles used in this game are originally same as weapons and vehicles used in Vietnam war. Gameplay mode is just similar to battlefield 1942 game. This game has no competition with today’s games but it works more well then battlefield 1942 in case of both graphics and other features. This game always give you realistic experience. You can also replace the sound of the vehicles with your music tracks just for more fun and relaxation. 3D maps make this game more interesting for you.

Battlefield 2 (2005)

Battlefield 2 is the first person shooter game of this series which works upon new mechanics. This is a fiction based game which is based upon 21-century war. This game contains both single as well as multiplayer mode.

The new features added to this game is that you can play as a team as well as single player. You can play against other team and win the battle. Both leader and commando of the team communicate with each other while playing. The leader gives you the orders and commando works on that order whether it is firing or using vehicles. This game is totally works on new concept.

Players able to choose different classes while participating in war and each class has different features and different weapons. The name of the classes you can choose is assault, medic, antitank, engineer, support, special forces and sniper. To make this game more realistic, new vehicles and weapons are added. This game works much better than games discussed above and have amazing graphics. The three new expansions added to this game is special forces, euro forces and Armored fury.

Battlefield 2 : Modern combat (2005)

Battlefield 2 modern combat is quite boring and doesn’t work well as battlefield 2.  This game is fiction based game played in single player as well as multiplayer mode. This game was mainly released for Xbox 360 and works quite well on that but not on pc.

The graphics of this game was improved but still not more amazing battlefield 2. This game offers two gameplay modes such as Conquest and capture the flag. The multiplayer mode of this game supports 24 players at one time. This game is quite boring but if you continue to play you can also experience very much fun.

Battlefield 2142 (2006)

Battlefield 2142 is most stunning game of the battlefield series based totally upon the ‘Ice war of 22nd century’.  This game provides you more realistic fun with its totally new vehicles and different weapons from battlefield 2. Multiplayer game play mode allows 64 players on server and single player mode allows 16 players on conquest mode.

The graphics of this game is more amazingly designed than battlefield 2. Unlock feature of this game allows to open new Item every time you achieved a new position. This game also featured a multiple game play mode called ‘Titan’. By this mode you can protect your team titan and destroy other team titans by using anti titan missiles.  This game had released only one expansion called Northern strike.

That’s why this battlefield game is more realistic and fun loving.


Battlefield Bad company 2 (2005)

Battlefield bad company 2 is another part of battlefield bad company which is more updated and contains more features than 1st part. The storyline remains the same but some new additions are added to make this game more adventurous and fun loving.

This game supports both single player and multiplayer mode. The multiplayer mode of this game contains 4 modes-Conquest, Squad rush, Rush and Squad death match. The only difference between rush of this game and gold rush of 1st part is that gold crates are replaced by M-Com stations in this game.

With its 4 game play modes, this game also gives you a chance to choose wide variety of weapons, vehicles and aircrafts. The graphics of this game are much better than its 1st part and we have only single expansion of this game called bad company 2 Vietnam.



Battlefield :Bad company (2008)

Battlefield bad company is the first game of battlefield series in which frostbite engine has been featured which allows you to cause more destruction. The storyline of this game is really stunning and fictional weapons and military vehicles makes this game more realistic.

This game is works on the basis of multiplayer game play mode called ‘Gold rush’. In this game one team act as attacker team and other act as a defender which fight for save their gold crates from attacker team. This game contains 8 different maps which are designed according to game features. This game supports both single player as well as multiplayer mode and works best for you.


Battlefield heroes (2009)

Battlefield heroes is the most interesting game of this series. But unfortunately it’s pay to win system made this game inactive in 2015. Now it is no more available to play. But if we remove this bad thing about this game, then this game has lots of features.

This game supports only multiplayer mode and each team has 50 lives to play against each other. The best of this game is that it put the same level players together. The ‘intelligent spawn system’ of this game put players to the nearest battles.

This game has graphics totally different than graphics discuss in above games. This game is full of new weapons and vehicles. The best part is that it is free to play game. This thing make this battlefield heroes game more realistic and interesting.



Battlefield 1943 (2009)

Battlefield 1943 is the updated new version of battlefield 1942 based upon the world war 2.  It works best upon both Xbox and PlayStation 3 but not on Windows 10. The thing that make it from battlefield 1942 is its 4 maps such as Wake island, Guadalcanal, lwo jima and Coral sea map. But the 4th map opened when all the players of the team done 43 million kills. This thing makes this game more interesting and fun.

This game only supports multiplayer mode in which you can play as a team with other players. New weapons and vehicles make this game more adventurous. Graphics of this game is in more improved form than battlefield 1942. You really enjoyed this game.



Battlefield 3 (2011)

Battlefield 3 is that game of the battlefield series which contains all new features according to our needs. It works far better than all the games discussed before this game. You can play this game in both single as well as multiplayer mode but multiplayer mode works much better.

This game came with large number of weapons, vehicles and aircrafts which are not available in bad company. The Frostbite 2.0 engine of this game, makes this game superior than others. This game is based upon the storyline of two characters called Henry and Dimitri. The premium membership introduced in this game helps you to get all expansions.

With its large number of maps and stunning graphics, it wins the heart of many people. In its first week of release, the company made a huge profit and people also gives positive reviews about this game.


Battlefield 4 (2013)

Every game of battlefield series always come with its extraordinary and exciting features. So battlefield 4 is another game of this series which works well and loved by lots of people. The graphics of this game are really stunning. The Frostbite 3 engine is used in this game to make the visual effects better for destruction.

No doubt it contains more weapons and vehicles than the battlefield 3 for giving you realistic experience. It supports both single as well as multiplayer mode. In this game single player mode works good than other battlefield games discussed above. Premium membership is also available in this game to get expansions for open new vehicles, weapons and maps. That’s why I really suggest you to play this game once.


Battlefield Hardline (2015)

This game is really stunning and it was last game released by visceral games before its shutdown. This game is mainly based upon Cops and criminal wars.  This game supports both single as well as multiplayer mode. The multiplayer mode of this featured new modes like Heist, Blood money, Hot wire, Rescue and Cross hair.

You can also use military weapons in this game and Cops weapons also. This game is not as best as battlefield 3 and battlefield 4 but this game is really adventurous and addictive.


Battlefield 1 (2016)

Battlefield 1 is one of the best game of the battlefield series with unique graphics and features. The storyline of this game is based upon the world war 1. All you find out in this game is weapons and war machines of that time. This is the first game of the series which introduced horses for make your experience more realistic.

This game is best in every aspect from other games of the series discussed above. The premium membership is also available in this game for more expansions. As other games of the series this game also supports both single player and multiplayer mode. This game contains all the new features according to today’s games.


Battlefield 5 (2018)

Battlefield 5 is the last game of the battlefield series yet. The storyline of this game is based upon world war 2 and it has most similar features to battlefield 1. The best part of this game is that you can modify your vehicles and weapons.

The single-player mode does not work well but the multiplayer mode of this game works best.  This game was faced many critics but also praised by lots of people for its gameplay, firestorm mode and design. This game does not provide premium membership. Due to lack of membership, people don’t able open new vehicles and maps. Developers are working for improving this game. But overall this game is really stunning.


The new battlefield game of battlefield series not released. But according to our research, new game will be coming soon.


So we discussed about all games of battlefield series from 2002-2020. The developers of this series always works best to come up with new version every time which contains new and better features. I hope you find this information related to games useful for you.

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