How To Get SBI Fund Statement Online 2020

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According to the SBI Mutual Fund, its goal is for well-invested investments in Indian stock to outperform benchmarks. “The goal is to create a mixture of a large-cap, mid-cap or sector-oriented to capture the growth potential of Indian stocks, through the implementation of an active management style based on fundamental analysis, resulting in the development of a portfolio,” said the Fund house.

The goal of the SBI Mutual Fund is to develop mutual funds as a viable investment choice for the masses in the country. “Working towards it, we have developed creative, need-specific products and informed investors about the added benefits of investing in capital markets through mutual funds.



The topmost popular SBI Mutual Funds scheme is as follows :

  1. The SBI Magnum Medium Period Fund Direct-Growth is rated as Moderate Risk. Initial SIP Investment is 500. The average Lump sum Investment is 5000. Units over 8 percent of the investment will be paid 1,50 percent for redemption within 12 months.
  2. The SBI Equity Hybrid Fund Direct Plan has Investment Goal To ensure long-term capital appreciation by investing in a combination of debt and equity along with the liquidity of an open system. The scheme invests in a diversified equity portfolio of high-growth companies and offsets the risk by investing the remainder in a relatively safe debt portfolio.
  3. The SBI Small Cap Fund Direct-Growth is used to Investing in a diversified portfolio, which primarily includes equity and equity securities of companies regarded as industry leaders, and is aimed at generating revenue and long-term capital appreciation. Nevertheless, there can be no certainty that the Scheme’s investment goal will be accomplished and that the Scheme will not provide any returns or guarantee them. Implications of taxes.



To receive the details you need to enter the PIN  and registered email ID for a Smart Statement to receive the declaration on your email address. Select a radio button to receive a standard PDF statement and enter your folio number in the registered Email ID to receive a copy of the statement.

You may obtain a Consolidated Account Statement (CAS) from CAMS. The fund house should also submit updates at periodic intervals to the email ID that you registered with when you first bought the funds. If you are finding a place to view all your mutual fund assets in your transaction history, check out SimpleMoney.

You are logging in to use an email ID you used for registering with mutual funds, automatically using SimpleMoney’s portfolio tracker. SimpleMoney gathers the past transactions and you can see your transactions within minutes of signing in.

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