How to get CIF number in SBI 

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The Customer Information File (CIF) includes digitally important bank details of the holder of an account. A specific number relating to each bank customer is assigned to each file. The 11-digit number that provides complete details of the customer’s information in SBI is the CIF number. This ID is used by the bank to obtain data, such as customer information, account types, balances, transactions, credit history, etc. 



Online methods are as follows

The SBI CIF number- online and offline are two key ways to find out. These are both to be discussed in detail.

SBI Internet Banking

  • This is a step-by-step guide to show your Indian state bank CIF number via the web banking service– visit the web site and you can log in using your username and password.
  • After signing in successfully, choose an account statement for a specific time.
  • Your CIF number and other information can be found on the account summary page

Alternatively, you can also find through this method,

  • After logging in, go to the summary page of the account and click the’ View nomination and PAN ‘ button. 


State Bank of India Mobile App

Follow the simple steps Download the SBI Anywhere mobile app to your smartphone. After successfully connecting the device to your SBI account, log in to your SBI account from the device. Go to the home and click the “Services” link.

Tap “Online Nomination” in “Services”

Select “transaction accounts” from the drop-down menu on the page.

Select ‘  Savings account number ‘ The CIF number should have to appear next to your SBI number. 


Offline methods are as follows :


CIF number in SBI checkbook  

  1. Get your SBI checkbook and go to the very first page. The CIF number is printed on the first page. 
  2. cif number in your SBI passbook, Sometimes the CIF number is also printed on the top of the opening page of your SBI passbook. It must have to appear above your SBI account number.
  3. CIF phone through your email: if you do not have an online SBI net banking account, you can still be able to get your CIF by using your e-mail ID. To do so, you will register your e-mail ID with the bank and add it to your SBI account. Instead, you need to send an email from your registered mobile number, asking the bank to give you an e-statement. On receipt of your order, the SBI will give you an email from your registered mobile number.
  4. Call SBI Customer Care: you can always call the customer Care Number anytime for assistance.  He will be asked to verify some information. Once the exam is done, his CIF number can be obtained.
  5. Visiting your branch

You may visit your SBI branch or any other nearest SBI branch and ask for your branch counter CIF number. Your SBI account number is to be issued and your SBI CIF number is communicated to the helpdesk manager. Be sure that when you visit SBI Branch you bring your passbook with the ID Proof 

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