How To Earn Money While Playing Pubg Mobile 2020

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Most of us love to play games. Games are the best remedy when we feel alone or tired. By playing games we can refresh our minds. PUBG is the best and viral game to play with your friends. But do you ever think games become the source of passive income for you? Yes,  we can also earn through them.  PUBG is the most addicting game to play by most of people. So let’s discuss some ways you can earn from PUBG while playing


Playing online tournaments

You can earn money while having fun and thrill. It’s the best passive source of income. You can get earned by playing paid online tournaments in-game. By this, you can win cash prizes and earn money. If you are looking for something else beyond these tournaments. The best feature is that you have another choice also. You can play PUBG in open LAN parties and join other leagues like North American league etc. These leagues can help you to win large cash prizes. By this having fun by playing game become a good source of income.


Affiliate marketing

It is the best way for pro-gamers to earn money from PUBG. They can use some advanced gadgets to make their experience more realistic. People follow these players asked them about gadgets they use to play. By suggesting devices like smartphones, laptops from different companies. They can promote the company’s product. By this, they get a commission from 1-10 % on each product. It’s become the add on the source of income for them.


Become a coach

Become a coach of PUBG becomes the best source of income for experienced PUBG players. People who are new here want to develop their skills and win cash prizes. So they can hire the coach to help them to develop their skills. As a PUBG coach, you can help them by joining their squad and help them to improve their skills. This thing will help you to make money by PUBG and the amount of money paid is good enough.


By making a youtube channel

Youtube is the best platform where you can make your channel. Give tips to people about new updates, skills and other things about PUBG. It takes some time and effort to make your channel grow because everything needs hard work. If you are dedicated and material provided by you is unique. This thing will definitely help to grow your channel and earn a very good amount of money. There are a lot of YouTubers who can earn a very large amount of money with the help of youtube. Youtube becomes the best ever a source of income for every you tuber.


Sell in-game items

You can collect battle points as well as purchasing crates by which you can earn money by playing PUBG. By selling them you can get cash. That’s why the experienced PUBG players track valuable products along with new crates. So they can sell them according to their choice and can earn a lot of money by this. You can also sell products on the steam market to get some extra credit called steam credit.


Sell your game account

If you want to try something new and want to start again with the new experience. You can also earn money by selling your game account on a website like Player auctions, G2G, etc. This will let you go all your levels with your account to another one. This is a one-time earning process. But if you are experienced you can start over again. You also have time to try new games also. This is an awesome idea to earn money from PUBG.


Bet on tournament results

The other way of earning through PUBG you can bet with your friends and other players by playing games. If your prediction is right about the tournament you can play or play by other people. Then you can earn a lot of money from this thing. But we know everything is in excess is bad so be careful. Betting is good but doesn’t get addicted. By this, you can earn a very good amount. It becomes the best passive income source for you.

Creating a blog /website with Latest updates

Most of the people searching daily hacks or something else. Your blog can help them to how to get realistic experience by telling them new updates. You can also give other tips to them like how you can make money from PUBG. As your viewer increases, this becomes the best source of income for you. Because a lot of people daily search for new updates or hack. So they can enjoy as much as they can. You can also add your tube tutorials as content. This is the best way to earn money.



Here are the best tips are given to related to earn money while playing PUBG. It gives the best source of income for side hustlers, students and people who are addicted to PUBG. It can add on profit to your income helps you to live life comfortably. So choose any tip which is best suited to you and started earning money from now. If you like this topic then without any delay share it with your friends. I hope you like this and this will helps you a lot.


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