Benefits of The SBI FASTags | SBI FASTags 2020

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SBI FASTag is an electronic toll collection tag (ETC) that can be recharged through toll plazas on national highways in India. You don’t have to stop at a toll stand again and pay the toll with cash.

The RFID technology is used for deducing taxation from a prepaid account which is connected to the tag. It can be used to deduct taxes from prepaid. This equipment is mounted to the windscreen in the car and the toll is collected electronically by the Tag Reader on the toll plaza if you pass along FASTag lane.



  • You can save time and fuel with SBI FASTag that you would otherwise be able to pay the toll at the purchase desk when you rely on cash transactions. 
  • Since FASTag is used in cashless transactions, you do not need to think about the exact change to pay the toll.
  •  You can receive SMS updates to your mobile number instantly to keep you updated with all transactions made using FASTag. SBI FASTag is infinite until it depreciates or is damaged by wear and tear. 
  • For an additional cost, you can get a replacement sticker. A 3-year warranty is issued.
  • You can easily refund your FASTag account from approved SBI service providers or online portals with net banking, credit card, debit card, e-wallets, etc.
  •  All FASTag transactions on national highways have cash back at the toll squares. For viewing the transaction history, checking the balance, etc, users of FASTag can log on to the customer portal. 
  • The SBI FASTag minimum refill is Rs.100. The SBI FASTag refund is maximal Rs.1,000 for the individuals who submitted KYC information and Rs.20,000 for the ones who did not furnish KYC information. 
  • More than 346 tolling places on the national roads can be used for the FASTag. More tax places are to be included in the future.



Visit any of the Point of Sale (POS) sites of licensed agencies in the toll places to create a tag account. Move the car to the POS to the windscreen of the FASTag. Shift originals of KYC to the POS site together with their photocopies. 

Vehicle Registration Certificate Application form for SBI FASTag Photograph of the owner/customer’s vehicle of the KYC, like Aadhaar, PAN, Voter ID, Passport or Driving License, etc.. Application form duly completed.



Tag issuance charge-Rs.100 Convenience charge-All transactions are subject to a small convenience fee. The security deposit shall be paid according to the class of the car. When the tag account is locked, it will be refunded.


There is a monthly pass for a certain toll spot. We can not be seen in all pitches. You can visit the issuing bank and apply for a monthly pass at the respective POS ation. The monthly pass is allowed for the appended tag because you are the tag holder, and can be used on a specific toll plaza.


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