Adobe XD- What Is Adobe XD Used For?

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Adobe XD is a web page and mobile app designing tool. It’s a popular tool for designers in the designing industry.
Gone are the days when designers used to use Photoshop as their primary design tool. Today a designer should be equally experienced in using designing tools like Adobe XD, Sketch, Figma, or InVision.

Adobe XD enters the designing world a little late compared to other designing tools but is gaining popularity among designers as a prototyping tool.
It will still need some time to reach the level “Sketch.” A sketch is a prototyping tool that has been in the industry for a long time compared to any other designing tool.

Features and Benefits of Adobe XD

Adobe gives lots of amazing features to prototype, share, collaborate, and team designs. We won’t be able to discuss each feature in this one article because Adobe keeps adding new features every week.
If you’re looking to design your web page or your client web page. XD should be your first option to consider. There are lots of options that you can explore, be it colors, drawing tools or character style, etc. etc.
This application is best for web page interface design and mobile apps.

Design Amazing Experiences

You can use Adobe Photoshop directly from XD to do the editing. XD also gives you the option to create design elements that you can use across multiple documents.
The shaping tools, blend mode are some of the best features in Adobe XD to create wireframes and other designs. You can resize groups and objects as per your need.

Create Prototypes that give Life to Your Experiences

What is the type of user experience you looking for? Adobe XD has it all. You get access to a range of actions to create the exact experience you want.
It doesn’t matter what types of experience you’re aiming for, Adobe XD gives you the option to create realistic prototypes to create the types of experience you’re looking for.

If you’re an expert After Effect user, you might want to export it to after effect for final touch up. Adobe XD gives you that option too.

Adobe XD Share Feature

Do you work in a team? Do you want to monitor the process of your team while working on the same documents? Adobe XD gives you that option too.

Share it directly to your reviewer for feedback or embed them on Behance or webpage. You can also invite other designers to edit the document or send private invitations and restrict access to others.

You never have to worry about losing your work. It doesn’t matter your system got crash or stolen. You can still retrieve your world from the cloud adobe provides you with the subscription.
You can also see the entire evolution of your design work in real-time or later. If you want to integrate it with other productivity apps, you can do that too. Some most integrated apps used are Microsoft Teams, Slack, etc. etc.

Adobe XD Minimum System Requirement

  • Mac – GPU 1.4 GHz and above. Memory 4GB and Retina display recommended.
  • Window – For Windows, the CPU should be at least 2GHz with at least 4GB RAM and a minimum of 2 GB available hard disk space for installation.
  • The graphics should support 3D DDI 11 or 12. And the display should be 1280 x 800 for better experiences.


I hope this article gives you an understanding of what Adobe XD is, what are its features, and the minimum system recruitment that you’ll naeed to use this software.
Adobe XD is not the only designing and prototyping tool. There are many tools that you can use but Adobe XD is something unique compare to any other designing tool.

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